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July 30, 2012
Posted by Eduardo   /   Filed Under : Glassheart, News

Hey Guys! Just a few hours ago Leona did a Ustream Session and we’re so happy!! Not only because we got to see Leona, Nicola and Maloy haging around, but because we recieved a lot of precise information about “Glassheart” including new song titles, the release date for “Trouble”, and many more! I tried my best to record this session but I couldn’t do it cause I was having big problems with Ustream 🙁 so I only watched some parts, however people who were able to watch it all, got the information and here’s a recap that I did from what I watched and from what some people tweeted… So according to Leona:

– We will hear ‘Trouble’ next month!
– The ‘Trouble’ Video will be recorded in a few days!
– ‘Trouble’ will be released on Octuber 7th 2012 (UK)!
– She will be performing ‘Trouble’ a lot including Acoustic sessions of it and an X Factor (UK) Performance!
– ‘Glassheart’ Album artwork will remain the Same!
– The Deluxe Edition of ‘ Glassheart’ will containg about 14 Tracks!
– ‘Glassheart’, ‘Lovebirds’, ‘I To You’, ‘Trouble’, ‘Come Alive’, ‘Perfectly You’, ‘Collide’, ‘Shake It Up’,  and ‘Fireflies’ are some of the songs that will be on the Album!
– She will be doing more Ustream Sessions and Videoblogs because she want her fans to feel theyre part of the ‘Glassheart” promoting process!

So this is what we considered the most important bits of this UStream Session!! We’re so excited!!! finally we’ll hear the new single (‘Trouble’) in a few weeks!! Hopefully someone recorded the stream for us to watch the whole thing again! Updated: from youtube finally uploaded the Ustream and here it is! Enjoy!:


  • It was great to see leona and hear all the info about  trouble and glassheart. she looked so happy too

  • we will hear trouble next month but it will be released on october ! Such a bad idea ! Everybody will download it before !!!

    • Paulthuong

       that’s how they promote a single in the UK mate!

  • vally

    what the…didn’t she mention that it’s spelled ‘Lovebird’ and no other shit??
    I’m tired of your ‘LoveBirds’ ‘Lovebirds’ ‘Love Birds’, for God sake it’s ‘Lovebird’ !