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November 6, 2012
Posted by Eduardo   /   Filed Under : Glassheart, News, Single

Good morning everyone! As you may know, we were in a lot of confusion after Leona announced ‘Lovebird‘ as her new single last night at the Oxford Christmas Light Switching event, given the fact that a few weeks ago, She released a video saying that ‘Fireflies’ would be her new single. Well finally somebody clear things up for us. Earlier today her best friend Maloy confirmed on twitter that ‘Lovebird’ will be indeed her next single! This is what she answered to a fan on her twitter:

[tweet https://twitter.com/Maloy_loy/status/265742832755687424 lang=’en’]

Are you happy with the decision? Share your thoughts on our comments!


  • Still love Glassheart more than a so-so song like that.

  • Lovebirds is a lot better than Fireflies .still imo Come Alive,Glassheart or Favorite Scar should have been the second snigle

  • Fernando Andres

    La verdad si aunque esperaba que Glassheart fuese su 2do sencillo ya que puede ser un numero 1# en Billboard dance con un buen paquete de Mezclas , LOVEBIRD es una bella canción y estoy satisfecho con la decicion ya que Fireflies , no es un tema para ser lanzado como sencillo , la decicion fue la correcta i love Lovebird.

  • Yes very happy!! I think Lovebird is a stronger single. Fireflies is really pretty but I don’t know I’m not real crazy about the chorus.

  • Bradford

    “Lovebird” is a much better choice than “Firefies.” Though I still do prefer “Glassheart”

  • lebrityque

    very good choice