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February 19, 2013
Posted by Julien   /   Filed Under : News, Rumours

It’s been a tricky few years for songbird Leona Lewis. Hailed as the second coming of Mariah Carey (with mammoth like success to match), the singer seemed poised for global superstardom.

Yet, a mishandled sophomore album and an incredibly mis-judged third album have left the Londoner in quite the precarious position.

And while not vocalizing the usual “artist done wrong” narrative that so many in her position employ, The X Factor alum is letting her actions do the talking instead.

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In a surprising yet not entirely shocking move, the 27 year old this week announced that she had parted ways with Modest! management. Of course touted as “amicable”, Lewis said of the team who had steered her career since the start:

“I greatly enjoyed my time working with Modest! and I’m very proud of all the things we achieved together. I would like to thank them for all their hard work and support over the years. They played an important role in my career and I’ll always be grateful to them. I’m looking forward to a new chapter in my career.”

Modest! swiftly added:

“We were very proud to have Leona on the Modest! roster and of everything she has achieved. We wish her all the best in the next phase of her career.”

According to Music Week, the parting may indeed be as “amicable” as suggested (rare for an industry famed for saying one thing, but meaning another). For, Modest! are believed to be helping the star secure management in the US – with Front Line being touted as one of the major juggernauts in the running.

In the interim, Lewis will embark on a short European tour in support of her latest LP ‘Glassheart’, which -upon release last October-peaked at #3 in the UK and #4 in Ireland. The ‘Trouble’ led set was not released in America.

Plans thereafter will see the vocalist hit the studio to record her fourth project. Reacting to news of her management split, a spokeswoman for record label Syco issued a statement saying:

“Leona Lewis is one of the UK’s most successful artists, one of a few that have enjoyed huge global success in recent years selling more than 20 million records worldwide.

She will begin the recording of her fourth album imminently to be released later this year. She remains a key priority artist for Syco and for Sony Music Worldwide.”

What do YOU think ?

Source: Thatgrapejuice.net


  • maybe a mix up of Echo, Spirit and Glassheart: has some song with G6 (like Happy), something new (like Shake U up, Come Alive, Glassheart), some Rap inside song (Trouble) maybe she should contact with Eminem to have a song with him. Sing something about life (like footprints in the sand, but maybe something like Catch My Breath of Kelly may bring something fresh for Leona) or about Leona (herself), less “hurt love”. My opinions 🙂

  • clulu

    well its about time leona tried to get management in usa. with more experience on allowing big stars to succeed and get the best material possible, be a success sell records. after all this is the music industry and a business. we dont want to see leona get dropped so she needs to up her game. she is in the top 3 female artists best vocals live. all we need now is the material for her to carry on her success. i hope everything goes well. i love all three albums cos i love leonas voice and i know music doesnt necessarily need to be commercial to be good. but leona is a chart music artist. we want leona to be the best she can possibly be which is nothing short of fantastic!

  • Tony

    This is the best thing Leona could have done, she broke away from management that have not got a clue how to manage an international artist, For anyone thinking of being managed by them don’t do it, when the hype is over they move on to the next thing (One Direction, Little mix) and forget about real talent..tweedle dee and tweedle dumb Richard and Harry, Modest are responsible for allowing one of our best UK live vocalist to leave the UK because of there mismanagement, that’s why Syco refuse to allow Modest to manage anymore Xfactor acts. Welcome to the US Leona we will respect you and look after you..

  • peter Elder

    well as we all know Leona has a fantastic voice both live and in the studio,
    so its great that she is changing direction she is far to good to let go,iv seen her live and she really can sing,with such power and in perfect tune.
    so Leona please make the next single a good strong powerful real tune,then it will be a no,1 hit where you should be. good luck Leona, go for it girl x