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September 10, 2015

Leona Lewis on Her Album ‘I Am’ and Tour Essentials
The exceptionally talented singer-songwriter Leona Lewis visits the YH Studio to give us the scoop on her latest album, ‘I Am’, including the empowering message behind the title and its two amazing lead-in singles, “Thunder” and “Fire Under My Feet”! She tells us what she has learned as an artist and a person since her breakout hit, “Bleeding Love”, plus she reveals her 3 tour essentials and how social media has impacted her career


September 3, 2015

More and more surprises this week guys! Now BBC Radio 2, premiered another new song from Leona Lewis’ new album “I Am”. This time the AMAZING track “Ladders” was the choice. For me this song is so SO good, love the vibe, the production and Leona’s voice in it! I would be so glad if it was a single at some point! Listen to the incredible “Ladders” on the player bellow (And don’t forget to pre-order the album to get this song in HQ, lets support Leona she needs it!)

September 1, 2015

As the release of ‘I Am’ gets closer and closer, Leona keeps giving us treats to make the wait less painful. This time an amazing, listen to me AMAZING cover of Kanye West’s song “Only One” was uploaded to her youtube account just a few minutes ago and it’s just so BEAUTIFUL. If you dont like it consider yourself DEAF hahaha. With nothing more to say, enjoy the video:

August 28, 2015

SO Today a new track from Leona’s new album was released on iTunes Germany!! And the song is already online for all of us to listen to! GOD the production and the vocals on this song are just AMAZING! We are just loving it! Listen to it bellow and let us know what you think! And don’t forget to pre-oder the album ‘I Am’.

August 17, 2015

Surprise guys!! We have uploaded to our youtube account Leona’s full concert at Baloise Sessions 2014 in full HD. She was a bit ill but she still sounded so good! You will love it! Watch the whole thing bellow. Credits for the video rip goes to the original owner. We don’t claim ownership for this video.

01. Fireflies 02. Collide 03. Whatever it Takes 04. Forgive Me 05. Glassheart – Interlude – 06. The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face 07. Happy (Pharrel Cover) 08. Hotel California (The Eagles Cover) 09. Diamonds (Rihanna Cover)  10. I to You 11. Run 12. Bleeding Love

August 14, 2015

We’re just a few days away from Leona’s new album release, and the surprises continue. Just yesterday she released her music video for ‘Thunder’ (click here to watch) and today she surprised us with a new little gift, as she put a new song up on iTunes as an insta track for those who have preordered ‘I Am’. The song, ‘Another Love Song’ is just an amazing garage inspired banger wich will put you on your feet! Use spotify or other streaming services to listen to the song! Lets support Leona guys! Listen to this new song bellow!

August 3, 2015

Continuing with the updates, we let you the HD version of Leona’s first televised performance of her new US Single #Thunder live at Kelly and Michael Show. She smashed that performance and she looked amazing! Watch it bellow

May 11, 2015

Incredible news today guys! Just minutes after the premiere of her new single “Fire Under My Feet” on UK’s BBC Radio 2,  Leona Lewis’s team uploaded the official video of the song to her VEVO channel! The video, which is directed by the talented Declan Whitebloom  is so simple but has an amazing message on it! We really loved it as well as the song! Hoping this will put Leona where she deserves! It seems like she’s really passionate about it and We are just excited for what will come from now on! With no more to say, heres the video! 

April 16, 2015

When Leona Lewis announced that she had left Simon Cowell’s Syco record label back in 2014 it came as a welcome surprise. The fans had been calling for her to leave the X Factor label for sometime after the messy release of third album Glassheart, which saw her sell a tiny fraction of what she is clearly capable of.

But not many – this writer included – thought she would ever jump ship. Leona was the original X Factor superstar. Before ‘Bleeding Love’, winners were seen as second-rate popstars with a two-album shelf life at best. ‘The Voice of an Angel’ crushed that perception, and helped Cowell sell the X Factor brand across the world, as well as opening the pathway for later international breakouts such as One Direction, Little Mix and Olly Murs.

So you’d be forgiven for thinking Syco would a) make sure Leona had the freedom, confidence and resources to continue to make the best possible albums, and b) make sure their prime diva was content with the direction of her career so she doesn’t become desperate to leave. Obviously, judging by Leona’s subsequent departure to Island Records, it got to a stage where neither of these things were happening. And while this was all brewing behind the scenes, Leona’s meek and mild demeanour meant she kept a high level of class and didn’t shout off to the press or vent frustration on social media.

However, with that in mind, album number five is very much a case of let the music do the talking. There’s no escaping the break-up lyrics that lead the new tracks. This isn’t the breakdown of a personal relationship, though, but rather a professional one. Leona opened her showcase in London last night (April 14) with new track ‘I Am’; an empowering mid-tempo ballad that has a razor sharp defiance. It has jolts of breakbeats on the chorus, and isn’t wildly different sonically from what we’ve heard from her before, but the biggest change comes in the tone of the narrative, proving that behind that sweet Hackney smile there is plenty of bite with plenty to say.

The toughest challenge Leona has always faced is mastering an uptempo number that she can feel comfortable with. It’s one she has finally cracked with ‘I Got You’; a bouncy groove with a funk-driven undercurrent. It’s positive, it’s infectious, and it has a real chance of becoming a hit. But most importantly it’s a pacier track that agrees with Leona’s natural style and rhythm, rather than cornering her into a full-blown techno blowout that feels forced.

What’s more, following track ‘Ladders’ also flits between mid-tempo and uptempo territory, building into a gospel-like crescendo towards the end. Leona explained that the song deals with appreciating the lows as much as the highs, hinting that she needed to experience the bad times at her former label to get to where she is now. We suspect it won’t prove easy listening for Mr Cowell.

Leona Lewis plays showcase at the Hospital Club in London.

Essentially, it wouldn’t be a Leona album without a soaring ballad, and ‘Thank You’ was dedicated to her parents who have helped her through some teary nights in recent years. It’s a classic slow number that allows Leona’s insane vocal range full space to reach its peak, reminding us of those intricate ad-libs and powerhouse belting notes that made ‘Bleeding Love’ a worldwide smash. As one person rightly whispered in the crowd: “They don’t make X Factor winners like this anymore.”

It ended on new single ‘Fire’; a jaunty, soulful number, with a foot-stomping beat and Leona on the piano. It’s hard to ignore the whiff of Adele’s ‘Rolling In The Deep’, but it almost ramps it up even higher with an electrifying guitar solo in the middle and Leona belting “fire” over sassy claps. It’s an extremely solid lead for the album and easily has the potential to put Leona back at the top of the chart.

This is clearly going to be Leona’s statement album. From what we’ve heard so far it’s full of passion, heartache and struggle, but it’s lined with hope and a general sense that this is the happiest she has ever been with what she is performing. Every man and his dog knows that Leona has an incredibly strong vocal, but now she finally has an equally strong voice to go with it.




April 10, 2015

Amazing news guys finally the new era is starting!! Leona’s label just confirmed that she will be doing a showcase to present her album, next tuesday  (April 14th ,2015) to some of her fans and to the press… EXCITING! Island Records and Leona are also giving people an amazing gift! you can be the lucky one (of ten fans) that can win two pair of tickets to see the live show in London!! AMAZING!, if you live there or ar near you can sign up here and be there in line to see/listen what we’ve been waiting for, for so long.

She also confirmed a couple of hours ago via Twitter that she was coming back home after having shot a video, that we are 80% sure is for Fire (Under my Feet), her new single that will be released in the UK on June 21st, according to CapitalFM.