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June 6, 2012

Hey Guys! Just a quick news…In a recent interview, one of the finalist of the X Factor (UK) 2011, Marcus Collins, have expressed his opinion about the possibility of Leona being a permanent judge on the show, and now we bring you the little part of the interview. This is what Marcus told to Entertainmentwise.com:

Marcus added: “I really don’t know [who should replace Kelly] It’s a hard one, as long as they were a performer and knew what they were talking about then that would be a great judge. Leona Lewis would be ideal as she’s been through the X Factor process before as she cab relate to the audtionees and she know exactly how they are feeling and what they are going through.


It’s so good to see that people including fellow artists support Leona on this, it seems everybody know that she’s able to do a good job at judging!

June 2, 2012

Earlier this week Leona Lewis returned to the X Factor, but this time she was behind the desk and not auditioning in front of it, joining resident judges Tulisa, Gary Barlow and Louis Walsh.

While Leona Lewis took the guest judge’s seat on X Factor she clearly proved to the doubters that she’s made it, but life wasn’t always so sweet for the star.

While speaking at BBC Radio 1 and 1Xtra’s Academy today, a live question and answer session that mentors young people in Hackney, Leona revealed:

“I was bullied at school, so I used that to channel all my energy into singing and kept my head down.”

People being mean to the pretty star is nothing new, even during the X Factor auditions the public turned on her.

Gary Barlow told the Metro: “People think Leona’s a bit bland but she was great fun, even though she got booed.

“I had to tell her beforehand, `Don’t let the audience sway you `cos they’re a brutal crowd at the auditions’.”

While on home turf in Hackney today omg! witnessed the singer share her experiences in the music industry and also opened up about why we’ve not heard (or seen) much of her of late.

She said: “It’s hard writing an album, it takes a while, you can’t rush it out — so you’re away for a bit. My album will be out at the end of the summer.

“I’ve had to be strong and courageous in what I want. Simon Cowell knew I was an artist not just a singer who’d sing any song.

“And now I have full creative control from the promotion, photo shoots and the video — it’s taken a while to get but I’ve got it now.”

The singer dished out advice to aspiring musicians in East London sitting aside hit music producer, Labrinth as the duo shared their very real experiences.

Leona also opened up about cracking America and meeting her idols.

“Alicia Keys is the most exciting person I’ve met, hers was the first concert I ever went to and it was amazing. When I met Beyonce I couldn’t believe she knew who I was.

“I knew I’d made it in the US when I was in the car on my way to an interview and my song was on the radio and the driver was singing along to it but he didn’t know it was me.”

Despite being the one helping young people break into the music industry it was Leona who admitted she still gets nervous but over time it’s got better.

Aww, she’s no reason to be though, she’s amazing!


June 2, 2012

Hey Bunnies! we got exciting news! Yesterday morning, Leona appeared at the BBC Radio 1 Live Lounge to attend a Q&A session for the Radio 1Xtra Hackney Academy (She’s one of the embassadors of the project) and people who assisted to the session confirmed that Leona told them her new album Glassheart will be out possibly at the end of summer! This is amazing cause now we know that the single will be release sooner that we think! We can’t wait and let’s pray she will premiere the song at the Hackney gig later this month!
PS. This news was also confirmed on this Interview

June 1, 2012

¡We’ve found interesting news today! Thanks to Leona-ficionado at DigitalSpy’s LLAT, we’ve discovered that 3 new Leona songs have been added to HFA Songfile. For the name of the writers (including Fraser T Smith and some writers from the Nashville recording session earlier this year) we suspect that this songs could be on Glassheart. It’s pretty awesome to see that Leona co-wrote this 3 songs so we can’t wait to listen to them if they made it to the Album! Here are the songs including their respective writers:





May 29, 2012

Leona Lewis is swapping her swooning ballads… for the urban sounds of drum ’n’ bass.

The squeaky clean former X Factor winner is planning an eclectic comeback that will see her try out many ‘different flavours’.

‘At the moment I’m just finishing up my album so I’m hoping it will be out in the summer,’ the star told me.

‘I’ve got a track that’s got a bit of drum’n’bass at the end. It’s quite different to what I’ve had out before.

‘I’ve got a track that’s very 90s. It’s just different influences that I’ve had through my life growing up,’ explained the 26-year-old singer.

Simon Cowell’s pro-tégée said she was trying to do things differently on her third album, Glassheart. Rather than collaborate with lots of technicians like she has in the past, this time there’s just one executive producer at the helm.

‘I’m really actually looking forward to people hearing it,’ she added.

A Hackney girl at heart, Leona said she was currently a nomad whilst recording. ‘I love to travel and at the moment my home is nowhere.

‘I’m always kind of here, there and everywhere,’ the Bleeding Love star said.

On her travels the staunch animal rights campaigner is happy to blast celebs who wear fur and fail to pull their weight in helping relieve the plight of suffering animals.

‘It can be disheartening because I’ll be asked to do campaigns a lot,’ said the horse-lover. ‘I’m so passionate that I’ll put everything into it.

‘You see other campaigns where celebrities jump on board but animal rights issues is something where people feel they can’t really tread.

‘It’s not even about being a vegetarian. It’s about having a bit of empathy for what these animals are going through. I do think celebrities could do more.


May 27, 2012

Hey Guys! As we’ve reported before, Leona was invited to the X Factor (UK) to have a guest role in what was going to be the first day of Auditions in London. Well, Leona make her appearance at London’s O2 yesterday (May 26th) to attend her role as a guest Judge and lots of reports and reviews on twitter have said that Leona did an amazing  job!. The british press also reported the news and it seems Leona was thrilled to be back to the show that put her on the spotlight. She told TheSun.co.uk

“I am really excited to be a guest judge at the auditions in London.

“The X Factor is where it all started for me and now I’m back… and sitting on the other side! I think London has a lot to offer.

It was the rumour Leona would be the permanent jugde to replace Kelly Rowland on the panel, but we dont have to panic cause  she puts her album like her first priority at the moment and told TheDailyStar.co.uk :

“I don’t think I’d do it full time, really. I’m busy with my new album.”

Its so good that press and people liked how Leona did on the X Factor panel, so this could be good promotion or at least good exposure to show viewers she still alive lol! Here’s a video of Leona and the rest of the Judges introducing temselves to the crow (Leona talks at 2:20)

Also I let you a list of articles that British press published online about Leona’s role as a guest Judge on X Factor, in case you wanna know more about it:

May 25, 2012

Great news guys! It was confirmed today on BBC Radio 1’s Facebook  that Leona it’s gonna be performing at Radio1’s Live Lounge next friday!! (June 01). Leona’s gonna be performing along with Labrinth and Proffesor Green. This is so exciting! Finally we’ll have another great live performance that we’ll be able to hear in HQ.


May 3, 2012

Hey Guys!! Amazing news has surface the net today! Finally something that we can talk about while we wait for Glassheart. This time the site Sonyatv.com has published a 30 sec preview of the Demo of the song “Blank Page” that has been already reported  by Leona to be one of the possible tracks for Glassheart! This Demo version is interpreted by Sia and it sounds amazing, but just imagine that melody with Leona’s voice: HUGE! Hopefully it will make the album! Listen to this Demo by clicking on the link bellow:

Edited: Bad News Guys, According to Sia Furler, the writter and the singer on this Demo, this song its not for Leona anymore. A few days ago a fan ask her if the song was for Leona and she answered “no it’s for another artist”

April 29, 2012

Hey Guys! Aiden an amazing Leona supporter, has published a new scan from the Daily Star (UK magazine) from today’s edition and it has amazing news on it! According to the Daily Star Leona’s planning to bring forward the release of Glassheart. Here’s the little article they published about it:

Leona Lewis is bringing forward the release of her lates album, just like I predicted a few weeks back.

Speaking at the Ariella Couture fashion show, the X Factor queen told me: “I’m now planning to have the album out in the summer. Simon Cowell has heard some of the tracks and he loves it.”

I hear Leona bagged duets with Emeli Sandé and Sia so it’s no wonder Si is impressed.


April 25, 2012

Hey guys! We’ve seen on Leona’s Instagram that she’s working really hard recording and stuff for Glassheart, so news have been pretty slow at the moment, but of course, us fans always find a way to make the wait shorter, and an amazing way to do so is by using our creativity and talent… this time the amazing fan Jaldaire Napier surprised us with an amazing music video he did for Leona’s song Don’t Let Me Down. This video is so amazing, it relates to the lyrics of the song and of course the edition of it is pretty cool, congrats to Jaldaire for the hard work!. Watch the video bellow:

Leona Lewis – Don’t Let Me Down (Fanmade Music Video)