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October 25, 2012

Hello everyone! The promotion for Leona’s new album is continuing in the UK! Despite the quite low sales numbers, a new TV advert has been released online yesterday! It’s a bit different from the previous one, but still pretty amazing! Have a look!

067.jpg 068.jpg 063.jpg 064.jpg

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October 25, 2012

Hello everyone! And first of all sorry for the lack of updating these last few days… But here we are again, and we had to make quite a huge job, screenshoting all of the last Leona’s performances on TV and in HQ! We were very late in the screenshots part of the gallery! So we hope you’ll enjoy this new HQ screenshots!

This Morning – Trouble

16.jpg 13.jpg 14.jpg 15.jpg

Stand Up To Cancer – Interview

033.jpg 031.jpg 032.jpg 030.jpg

Stand Up To Cancer – Run

vlcsnap-2012-10-25-15h03m10s145.jpg 079.jpg 078.jpg 077.jpg

Stand Up To Cancer – Fingerprints

058.jpg 057.jpg 056.jpg 054.jpg

X-factor Uk – Trouble

061.jpg 060.jpg 059.jpg 058.jpg

Allan Carr – Trouble

045.jpg 044.jpg 043.jpg 042.jpg

X-factor UK – Hurts

055.jpg vlcsnap-2012-10-25-14h46m30s107.jpg 054.jpg 053.jpg

X-factor Germany – Run

044.jpg 043.jpg 042.jpg 041.jpg
October 21, 2012

Hey Guys! Today Leona took a little bit of rest! Her album has been released at the begining of the week and the promotional tour has been huge! So today, she attented the charity walk of the Hopefield Center in Essex! She was accompagnied by her friend Maloy and her boyfriend, the famous choreographer/dancer Dennis Jauch! It seems she really enjoyed her afternoon! Have a look at the pictures below:

312.jpg 313.jpg 310.jpg 311.jpg

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October 21, 2012

Hey Guys, sorry for the late updates but we took a bit of time off after this crasy week! Finally we have the first official charts positions, for Leona Lewis new album ‘Glassheart’! After a week, the album is cracking the UK Albums, debuting at #3! Sales figures are not confirmed yet! As soon as we have official numbers well be updating the site! Congratulations to Leona!

Update: Music Week has confirmed Leona’s debut sales of ‘Glassheart’. The album sold 27,462 copies on its first day, only 756 copies away the #2 and 8,323 copies away from the #1 spot!

Top Albums – United Kingdom

Position Album Artist Copies sold
01 Jake Bugg Jake Bugg 35,785
02 Babel Mumfords & sons 28,218
03 Glassheart Leona Lewis 27,462
04 The 2d law
Muse 15,303

Source: 12

Also ‘Glassheart’ (Song) debuted at #27 on the UK Top 40 Dance Charts

Dance Singles Top 40 – 27th October 2012 – United Kingdom

Song Position
Glassheart 27


October 19, 2012

Hey Guys! This morning and as it was planned Leona stopped by the show “This Morning” on ITV1! She performed her hit single ‘Trouble’ in a very beautiful way as always! She looks flawesome as well and as always! Have a look to the video of the performance below (thanks a lot to  ) and 3 UHQ pictures of the performance on the pictures gallery!

16.jpg 13.jpg 14.jpg 15.jpg

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October 19, 2012

Hey Guys! Finally we have the first official charts positions, for Leona Lewis new album ‘Glassheart’! After a week, the album is cracking the Ireland Top 75 Albums, debuting at #4! We don’t know about the sales for now though! It’s the highest debut of the week! Well done Miss Lewis!

Top 75 Albums – Ireland

Position Album Artist
01 Babel Mumford & Sons
02 #3 The Script
03 Up All Night One Direction
04 Glassheart Leona Lewis


October 19, 2012

Hey guys! The exitement for the launch of Leona Lewis’ new album is continuing! After an amazing advert for the launch of ‘Glassheart’ at the begining of the week, a new advert for the album has surfaced today on the irish TVs! Enjoy! And of course Buy ‘Glassheart’ Now!

October 18, 2012

Hey guys! Leona will make an appearance on tomorrow’s This Mornning show. No word on whether Leona is performing or not. Leona stops in to continue with her promotional campaign for her 3rd album ‘Glassheart’ which was released this week. Rendez-vous tomorrow 10.30 am (UK Time)! Hope we’ll have the videos quickly!

October 18, 2012

Hey guys! With all the excitement about Leona’s new record we forgot to add the HQ scans of new Guy Aroch’s Glassheart promo shots! So here they finally are! We have added 5 new pictures in good quality! Enjoy…

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October 18, 2012

For better or worse, Leona Lewis has long been considered the personification of a sweet lullaby with her sugary tone and belts packed with as much force as a powderpuff. However, by the grace of Simon Cowell’s creative insight, the songbird has finally taken flight and is ready to the world her true potential via her new album, ‘Glassheart’.

Lewis ups the tempo and unleashes full-throated vocals on ‘Glassheart’ as she reminds people that she is one of the most talented singers in the industry today. Yet, the best facet of the record is her clear attempt to distance herself from her previous works, ‘Spirit’ and ‘Echo’, and comparisons to her idol, Mariah Carey.

With the help of producers Fraser T. Smith, Al Shux and DJ Frank E, Lewis emerges as a bold Dance diva on ‘Glassheart’. However, don’t compare her music to the uninspired fodder of her fellow ‘The X Factor (UK)’ alum Alexandra Burke because Lewis’ brand of club-ready tracks are progressive instead of reactive to the current trends on Top 40/Mainstream radio.

Songs such as the bass-heavy ‘Glassheart’ title track depict Lewis as a master vocalist who keeps her voice as a main focus, despite being surrounded by a mix of keys, soaring synths and thumping beats. Even on the Electro ‘Come Alive’, Lewis pushes her vocals above the dramatic production as she soars through the octaves and showcases her impressive range.

Still, both ‘Glassheart’ and ‘Come Alive’ fall flat in comparison to the bonus track ‘Sugar’, which is actually the strongest cut on the entire album. Co-written by Emeli Sande, who clearly based the song on her own ‘Heaven’ hit single, the heart-racing ‘Sugar’ is an extravaganza of rhythm as Lewis’ throaty vibrato rings clearly in the song that builds to an absolutely explosive climax.

However, when the strobe lights are switched off and Lewis resumes her role as a balladeer, the one glaring flaw of the ‘Glassheart’ album is revealed. As a vocalist, Lewis stands with the select few performers of her generation who can actually sing, but her music is still more technically impressive than emotionally expressive.

“…if ‘Favourite Scar’ is a true example of Lewis’ love life then it must be dreadfully one dimensional.”

This is exemplified on ‘Favourite Scar’ where Lewis croons about her a passionate relationship but sounds as believable as Beyonce boasting about her skills as a songwriter. Yes, it is a pleasant change to hear Lewis singing in a lower register of her voice without experiencing her often awkward nasality, but if ‘Favourite Scar’ is a true example of her love life then it must be dreadfully one dimensional. You know, casual walks in the park, promise rings and the only physical contact is holding hands on a Friday when her parents aren’t at home.

‘Stop the Clocks’ and ‘Fingerprint’ are other examples of vocal gymnastics without real conviction. No matter how loud Lewis belts or how many well-executed runs she performs, she simply flips, tumbles and prances around the vocal arena without ever landing on a spot of true emotion.

Luckily, Sande returns to save the day with the gritty ‘I to You’. Kicked off by an intro that is strikingly similar to Alicia Keys’ ‘Try Sleeping with a Broken Heart’, ‘I to You’ is so dark and passionate that even the melodrama of Lewis’ singing can’t completely soften its emotional blow.

‘Colorblind’, however, is rare emotional moment on ‘Glassheart’ and Lewis cleverly sings the song in the form of a climbing crescendo. Exhibiting just the right amount of restraint, this is the type of ballad that demonstrates what she can do when she focuses on bringing the lyrics to life instead of just flaunting her skills as a vocalist.

Perhaps, the only real comparisons between Lewis and Carey can be heard on the mid-tempo ‘When it Hurts’ and ‘Fireflies’. On the former track, Lewis toys with an unexpected staccato approach to singing the verses and florid transitions into her colourful falsetto in a way that would make even the elder diva pay attention.

‘Fireflies’, on the other hand, sounds nothing like the music of Carey until the final sixty seconds when Lewis cues the Lips Choir and a bout of belts at the very top of her range. Indeed, for a split second, it is easy to imagine Carey singing this song in her giant ballerina dress while waving her magic fingers to summon a cloud of butterfly-shaped confetti.

Rounding out the ‘Glassheart’ album are the Darkchild-produced ‘Shake You Up’ – I barely finished typing that song title without breaking into spontaneous hip-shaking – and ‘Lovebird’. Both tunes are definite frontrunners to be future singles, especially in the US where Lewis has not scored a Billboard Hot 100 top 10 hit since ‘Bleeding Love’.

In the end, ‘Glassheart’ is an impressive effort by Lewis as she finally begins her journey toward defining herself as an artist. Despite a few shortcomings, the record is a step in the right direction; away from being the shy girl who won ‘The X Factor (UK)’ competition and closer to becoming a true diva for the current generation of Pop music fans.

Standout tracks: ‘Sugar’‘Glassheart’‘Shake You Up’‘When it Hurts’and ‘I to You’

Weakest track: ‘Favourite Scar’

Possible singles: ‘Lovebird’‘Glassheart, ‘Sugar’, ‘Shake You Up’, ‘When it Hurts’ and ’I to You’

The Lava Lizard Rating: 3.5/5 Stars