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September 27, 2012

Good evening bunnies! After all the exitement of the past few hours, we are updating the website again. And here are some new pictures of Leona Lewis and her friend Maloy, out in Milan before the dinner organised by Roberto Cavalli! Enjoy it’s in HQ…

05.JPG 04.JPG 03.JPG 02.JPG

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September 25, 2012

Bleeding Love was a global hit, rejigged cover versions worked as follow up hits and her success was obvious.

Where Leona has struggled is working out where to go next and how to develop and this is plain to see.

We’ve had to wait for Glassheart for an entire year since that terrible/confusing Avicii collaboration track Collide was released.

Her label SYCO decided there was more work to do and fortunately for one and all Trouble was found – thanks to Emeli Sande’s writing talents.

Trouble is easily the best thing on Glassheart, btw.

Leona also began working with one of the pop world’s major success stories…step forward the record producing genius of our time, Fraser T Smith.

He’s responsible for highlights on Adele’s phenomenally successful hit album 21 and wrote and produced Nelly Furtado and James Morrison’s duet Broken Strings.

He’s a safe bet to work with Leona and the results are good.

I’m left wondering after listening to Glassheart whether Leona’s found her way as an artist or whether she’s worked with the right people in the right situation to ensure it’s deemed a hit.

There’s no doubting the music is good and Glassheart does appear to be her most personal album to date.

Trouble has obviously become an ode to her relationship with ex-boyfriend Lou Al Chamaa (even the actor in the recently released video looks like him).

The album’s dark, moody, emotive, mysterious and full of anger.

For somebody so peaceful and softly spoken in real life you wonder what she’s got to be so angry about behind closed doors.

Un Love Me you can hear is obviously going to be a single and will work wonders on the radio, Glassheart tries to keep Leona cool and trendy with it’s club sounding edge and just about achieves it and Fingerprint is a slow controlled ballad that reminds us just how fabulous her voice can be.

Shake You Up is a modern take on an eighties pop song and leaves you wondering if it actually works or if it’s too old school.

Stop The Clocks didn’t set my world alight but Favourite Scar kept my attention as Leona has serious attitude throughout.

She sings: “You shot me through my heart. Pain never felt so good. Boy, you’re my favourite scar.”

Glassheart reminds you what an extraordinary talent Leona is – especially to have been discovered on a TV talent show – but this isn’t an album that will translate to a universal audience in an Adele stylee.

But should we even be making a comparison with Adele? Probably not.

The fans will always be there for her and there’s no doubting she’s a great singer.

It just still feels like this is an artist finding her feet and working out how to settle into a career with longevity.

And Glassheart is the perfect stepping stone…

September 23, 2012

The X Factor winner said she wanted to sound like veteran squawker Kate Bush on her new album.

Leona added: “Kate Bush was definitely an inspiration for some of the songs that are on this record in terms of the register she uses.

“I was classically trained from a young age – I actually wanted to be an opera singer.”


September 22, 2012

Hey guys! Day by day we are discovering Leona’s new album “Glassheart”! And today at the Graham Show on BBC Radio 2 she premiered a new song from the album called “Stop the clocks”! She co-wrote the song and it is such a wonderful song! The typical Leona’s song, angelic and genuine! An absolute MUST-LISTEN! Enjoy it’s in HQ on Leonadaily.net

September 22, 2012

Hey guys! The Glamour UK edition gave the chance to Leona, to write her own fashion blog on their official website! It is now online and it’s pretty good actually! If you like Leona’s chic, glam and stylish style you will definitely love this blog! Enjoy …

September 22, 2012

Hey guys! Good news, the promo schedule for the release of Glassheart is slowly coming! And yesterday the very famous British Alan Carr confirmed via his twitter page that Leona Lewis has confirmed her appearance on the Chatty Man show! Leona will probably perform her new single “Trouble” and enjoy a bit of an interview! Nothing has been filmed for now though. Have a look to what he said!

[tweet https://twitter.com/AlanCarr/status/249213562466205696 align=’center’ lang=’es’]
September 22, 2012

Hey guys! What’s up? Here they are again, the radio and tv spins for “Trouble” and it’s rising again more and more day by day! Have a look! Thanks a lot to  DigitalSpy forum, for the regular updates.

  TV update: #49 , 134 spins

  Radio update: #86,  357 spins

September 21, 2012


While the Dance-craze is day by day chipping away at the dignity of many a chart act, Lewis avoids such territory by serving up something edgy and progressive. Put simply, its Dance-Pop at its most “premium”.

Issues potentially arise, though, when considering how Eurocentric the cut is. Would a song or moreover a “sound” like this work in the US – Lewis’ next biggest market after home? There’s also the fact that lead single ‘Trouble’ resonated with many as being the “lane” Leona should play in – given how well suited and comfortable she seems there. With this track, though, much of the uncertainty that greeted last year’s ‘Collide’ resurfaces. Can Leona not just “own” such a sound, but also be successful (on a global scale) with it too? The months ahead will be very interesting.


September 21, 2012

Hey guys! What’s up ? We are starting this new beautiful day with the updates of the Radio and Tv spins, for Leona Lewis new single “Trouble”! Three weeks before the release of the single in the UK, the spins on radio and TV (for the music video) are growing up! Have a look! Thanks a lot to Iluzionista on DigitalSpy forum, for the regular updates.

  TV update: #67 (+70), 99 spins (+53)

  Radio update: #91 (+2), 9.9m (+0.33m), 329 spins (+57)

September 20, 2012

Hey guys! Leona has done her last day of her UK radios Tour today! She was in Manchester and visited some radios. She has been seen leaving the Malmaison Hotel, earlier the day! Enjoy it’s exclusive on Leonadaily.net.

07.jpg 06.jpg 05.jpg 03.jpg

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