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August 16, 2012

We had a listen to the rather epic Leona Lewis (feat Childish Gambino) single ‘Trouble’ earlier.

Actually we first heard it a lot earlier, because there was a version of the song knocking around when we heard ‘Collide’ over a year ago, and it instantly seemed like the sort of song that could find itself at the centre of the whole album campaign once the fun but flighty ‘Collide’ was out of the way.

Obviously the whole ‘Collide’ thing turned into a bit of a shitshow what with the Avicii business, meaning that the Leona funbus had to pull onto the hard shoulder while she looked at the map for a bit. After an odd EP of covers (if Leona Lewis appears on The X Factor without a product to sell, does the choir really make a sound?) we’re back where we would have been anyway, with all eyes on ‘Trouble’.

The final, beefed-up version seems to have retained the gloom-laden but beguiling feel of the track we first heard last year. The lyrics to this Emeli Sandé-penned tune involve Leona telling her partner that she’s bad news and has been all along: ”I told you never to get used to me, I stay awake when you fall asleep, I’m a whole lot of trouble, we’re in a whole lot of trouble.”

It’s usually difficult to imagine Leona Lewis being problematic when it comes to anything other than using up too much printer ink when printing out horse photographs off the internet, but this is a convincing, compelling and dramatic vocal performance which works brilliantly against the song’s opulent but bleak mid-tempo production. (It’s not too much of a stretch to imagine that ‘Unfinished Sympathy’ was probably one of various reference points along the way.)

Some people will probably be quite excited about Childish Gambino being on the track. It’s a good guest spot (“we were something together I wouldn’t call it team”, “big trouble and little kindness”, “I fell in love with the wrong dream” etc etc) but the fact that there’s a guest spot at all feels like someone, somewhere lacks the confidence in Leona Lewis being able to pull off a single by herself. Perhaps after ‘Collide’ they’re right. It’s probably, like most things in most songs by most people, just an attempt to get the song on the radio. Either way, and despite the feeling that it slightly dilutes Leona’s big comeback, the rap in the middle eight sounds great so at the end of the day music is the real winner here.

Ultimately ‘Trouble’ feels like the right song for this moment in Leona’s career. It’s out on October 7 with the album to follow a week later, but you’ll be able to hear ‘Trouble’ next Tuesday because that’s when it gets its radio premiere.


August 16, 2012

Hey Guys! Today is THE day! Leona’s team seems to be ready to welcome this new single “Trouble” and they are working hard to launch the album “Glassheart” too! Proof? They’re making some changes on Leona’s official website! Have a look below…


August 16, 2012

Hey Guys! Oh god this new single sounds pretty incredible isn’t it ? The first true reviews of Leona Lewis’ new single ‘Trouble” has been penned in the new edition of Music Week magazine! And according to their team, who already listened to ‘Trouble”, Leona’s new song is “incredible“! Have a read…

August 16, 2012

Hey Guys! Finally! After some years online, Leona Lewis’ video for “Bleeding Love” ( Uk version) has been certified by VEVO for 100 000 000 views ( 100 millions views)! That’s such an achievement knowing that back in 2008 Twitter and Facebook were in their debuts! Leona is the Queen… Well done Miss Lewis!

August 15, 2012

Hey guys, as you may have seen on facebook or twitter these last hours, two new snippets of Leona’s song leaked online. Both songs were produced, written and recorded for and by Leona, but ended up to other artists. Thus, “Mountains” was given to the hugely talented Emeli Sande and a cover of “Miss you missing me” originally sang by chinese singer Bibi Chow… It’s pretty obvious that these two songs will not be on the “Glassheart” album!


Miss you missing me

August 10, 2012

Hey guys, as she promised, Leona keeps on posting new videos before the premiere of “Trouble” and the release of “Glassheart”. Today she recorded a 4/5 songs accoustic set for the “Glassheart” album! Here’s the new video message… She looks wonderful! Can’t wait to hear these….


August 8, 2012

Leona Lewis shows off her stripes as she stops to fill up her car on Monday (August 6) in West Hollywood, Calif. The 27-year-old singer topped off her black and white ensemble with a super cute straw hat!

Leona‘s forthcoming album, Glassheart, is set to drop October 15 after a long delay. Her second single “Trouble” will debut later this month and will be available for purchase on October 7. Source

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August 8, 2012

Leona Lewis has spoken of her “terrifying” ordeal at the centre of last year’s England riots.

The ‘Collide’ singer barricaded herself in her Hackney home as civil unrest broke out in the borough after the shooting of Mark Duggan by police during an attempted arrest in Tottenham.

Speaking on the first anniversary of the riots, which also occurred in other major cities nationwide, Lewis told The Sun: “I was worried about what would happen to the people who had their businesses and homes damaged.

“My parents both live in Hackney too and my dad was supposed to bring a CD round to my house that night. He rang me and said, ‘How badly do you want this CD, because I’ve just seen a Mini (car) get a petrol bomb thrown at it?’ I told him to go home straight away.

“The pictures on the news and in the papers were terrifying and it just kept rolling on. Seeing the pictures of the violence, looting and rioting made you think it was just totally out of control and the police were overwhelmed.”

Lewis previously blamed the riots on “hoodrats getting totally out of control”, saying: “I don’t think there was any motivation behind it other than to cause trouble ‘cos they’re bored and want free stuff.”


August 8, 2012

“Hey everyone,  we just wanted to post something that can help Leona gain more recognition. So, VEVO has made a section of their community where artists can get a ‘certified’ if their video gain 100,000,000 views or more. So as  fans we should help Leona to gain recognition, and here is one method. Leona’s video ‘Bleeding Love’ have nearly reached one-hundred-million views, just about 90,000 views and she’ll be in no time ‘certified’. What are you waiting for, go and help her. Click here to watch it on Youtube, here on VEVO or you can watch the video above.” –  LeonaLewisDaily

Click on Play


August 3, 2012


Hey guys! We heard a lot of news abotu new songs recorded for Leona’s new album or maybe not! So we decided to make a quick recap of what we know now! So here is the list!

Songs confirmed on the tracklist for “Glassheart”
– Glassheart
– Trouble
– Come Alive
– Shake It Up
– Fireflies
– Finger Print
– Lovebird (ou Lovebirds ou Love birds)
– I2U (ou I To You)
– Collide (new remix)

Songs almost confirmed
– Perfectly You
– Collide

Songs recorded but nor confirmed to be part of the Tracklist
– Wake Up
– Original
– Dark Love City Streets
– Favourite Scar
– Black Water
– Open Up
– Hangin’ all the roses
– Desert Rain
– Burn
– Sugar
– Miss you missing me
– Blank page