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June 21, 2012

Hey guys! The day we’re waiting for is almost there, and our exitement is just as huge as the event! All day long, Leona herself, her boyfriend Dennis and a few singers from the “Run” choir teased us with some pictures and comments of the rehearsal for the show which is announced as huge! Look the pics and even a piece of “Run” Live from the rehearsals…

“Run” Live

Tweet reactions

What a wicked day at production rehearsals for the #radio1hackneyweekend You guys are not ready for this! 🙂 (Dennis – Choreographer of the performance)

Just wanted to wish my lovely daughter Peachy_Ali good luck with forthcoming Hackney event for bbc with colacarson and leonalewismusic (Steve Anderson / Alice Martin Tour managers)

3.jpg 2.jpg 5.jpg 1.jpg

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June 18, 2012

Hey Guys! That is one hell of a news and it has been confirmed directly by Leona herself! Leona will officially introduce to her fans new material of her very anticipated album Glassheart, at the next Radio1 Hackney Week-end, on saturday 23d! No need to say that we are over exited! Have a look…

Leona Lewis has confirmed that she will perform new material during her set at Radio 1’s Hackney Weekend.

The singer revealed that she is currently undecided which of her songs from upcoming album Glassheart will premiere.

Speaking about preparations for the set, Lewis told BBC Newsbeat: “I’m quite militant! I like to be quite well prepared in advance. I’m not that well prepared that I know every single song, but I probably know 90% of what I’m going to be doing.

“I do have new material so I’m just deciding what new song I’m going to put into the set. I’m hoping it’s going to be awesome and everyone’s going to have a good time.”

She added: “I’m opening so I’ve got to put on a bloody good show, innit!”

Lewis will play on the main stage at the two-day event on Saturday (June 23).

Radio 1’s Hackney Weekend will take place at Hackney Marshes in London and feature headline sets from Jay-Z and Rihanna.


June 14, 2012

Hey Guys! Leonadaily.net is very glad to welcome a very special and amazing guy back at Leona’s side for this special Hackney Concert! Indeed, last night Steve Anderson, a Producer Songwriter/Musical Director, revealed that he is working with Leona on her opening performance for Hackney Weekend. Steve has been working with Leona for years, and has been particularly nice to Leona’s fans. So he’s gonna work with Leona on the staging of her LONDON Show, next week end! As an example he’s the one behind the incredible Queen Jubilee performance of Kylie Minogue and many others! Look what he tweeted:

Very proud to be working with the fabulous @leonalewismusic again on her R1 Hackney Big Weekend performance – its going to be so special !

Weclome back Steve! We’re so glad to have you back on this project!

June 14, 2012

Hey Guys! A very exiting video has just been posted online! It’s the official advert for the BBC3 Hackney olympics concert. You can see Leona for a few seconds… This show is gonne be amazing! Are you exited ? 

6.jpg 7.jpg 8.jpg 5.jpg

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June 8, 2012

Hey Bunnies! As you may all know, Leona was one of the pop acts performin, yesterday evening at the Rays of Sunshine charity concert, in the Royal Albert Hall of London. Other famous acts like Alexandra Burke, Adama Lambert, or JLS also took part to the concert. Leona performed 3 of her biggest hits; Bleeding Love, Better in time and Run! She was gorgeous in her nude/pink Ariella Couture dress…. A dress that was then auctionned for charity. Here are some pictures and the videos of Leona’s performances thanks to the amazing LeonaLewisSingles. Enjoy…

Better in time

Bleeding Love + Run


145931508.jpg 145931498.jpg 145931503.jpg 145931490.jpg

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June 8, 2012

Hey Bunnies! We can now be a little more precise about the release of Leona’s 3d studio album, Glassheart! Yesterday evening, Leona appeared at the Rays of sunshine Charity concert and did a quick interview to the famous uk journalist/blogger Dean Piper! She confirmed the release of Glassheart by the end of th summer and is getting a bit more teasing announcing an October release, for her very much anticipated album! Finally we got a new date!

@deanpiper  BTW – Leona album looking like October now. Quite a wait. She’s exciting about the Radio One Hackney Weekend event!

May 31, 2012

Hey Bunnies! Bad news… As you may know Leona Lewis was supposed to perform on the Radio 1 Live Lounge Tomorrow morning. Finally, we had more details about this appearance and it’s now sure that Leona is NOT performing any songs on the Radio show. She will do a Q&A interview and make the promotion for Hackney Concert and the 1Xtra Academy along with the Uk singer Labyrinth! The only performer planned is Professor Green… We are sure she’s getting ready for an incredible show at the Hackney Week end!

The Radio 1 and 1Xtra Academy opens on Friday 1 June and runs until Friday 22 June. You can apply for all of the Take It On Q&A Sessions now.

It’s a place to get real advice from those that know, including Plan B, Labrinth, Leona Lewis, Adam Deacon, Ashley Walters, Jamal Edwards plus many, many more including the DJs from BBC Radio 1 and 1Xtra.


May 29, 2012
Today was a huge and important day for Miss Lewis. Indeed after she had her first experience at judging the London X-Factor audition, on saturday, she was asked to replace the new comer Rita Ora, on monday Afternoon London audition day 2. Once again, she made great impressions and impressed by her kindness but fair and great judgement. So much so that the rumours are now that Leona is set to become a permanent X-Factor judge, as the famous blogger Perez Hilton, reports:
It looks like the X Factor UK may have a permanent replacement for Kelly Rowland! While Rita Ora and Geri Halliwell have been guest judges during the audition rounds of the latest season, it’s Leona Lewis that’s apparently become the most popular of potentials, and according to sources, may be the one to land a permanent contract! According to sources close to production, the singer impressed the head honchos so much during her Saturday stint that she was asked to come back to fill in for Rita Ora at midday today during the London round! Nice! And although Geri has been making pretty grand attempts to secure herself the position, producers reportedly think that the former Spice Girl lacks the proper “chemistry” with co-judges Louis Walsh, Gary Barlow, and Tulisa Contostavlos! Aww! Sorry gurl! But we actually think Leona is a pretty solid bet! She’s been through the show before, she’s immensely, and she’s got a new album to promote! Yeah! Sounds to us like we’ve got a winner!
No wonder, Leona made great impressions today on the set of Xfactor, she was absolutely flawless inher wonderful summer purple dress and white high heels. She did amazing and the fans were delighted. Here are some shots of the afternoon and some twitter reactions to Leona as a judge:
#xfactor was a gd laugh! Leona lewis got all the kisses and tulisa didnt! Ppl know where that mouth has been! by @eahmed1991
I’m so stunned at how beautiful Leona Lewis is, wicked night at X-Factor auditions. by @pinaroz_
Leona lewis is being an amazing guest judge, pretty much in love with her. #xfactorauditions by @Emmybubz
Omg @leonalewismusic was amazing as a judge. Very fair and very contructive. And looked amazing in that purple dress! by @Craigizzle
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May 28, 2012

Hey bunnies, Hope you had an amazing week end.  Just a quick news to announce that  VirginMedia.com is doing a new survey over who you think should be the next Quuen of Pop! Leona has been listed and she has to win! Leona is up against Katy Perry, Lady Gaga, Rihanna among others! Anyway you can vote here!

Vote for Leona here!

May 25, 2012
Hey Bunnies! The website www.entertainmentwise.com posted an article exposing the 10 reasons why Leona Lewis should have been the new judge on UK X-factor. It’s pretty cool, fun and above all , True! And you what do you think ? Yes or no ?

Geri Halliwell might be enjoying her time on the X Factor but according to reports her time sitting on the panel alongside Gary Barlow, Tulisa Contostavlos and Louis Walsh could come to an end as Leona Lewis could be drafted in as a permanent judge.

In light of this news, we have decided to put forward ten reasons why the gorgeous ‘Bleeding Love’ singer should become a judge on the show.

1. X Factor experience: No one on the panel has been through the X Factor experience like Leona. We’re sure she could understand if a hopeful got nervous during the auditions or got too stressed during the live finals round.

2. Personality: Ms Lewis is probably one of the sweetest people in the music industry and this could work in her favour on the show as she won’t be harsh when criticising acts who sound like strangled cats.

3. Looks: There’s no denying that Leona is one gorgeous lady, and for that reason alone we want to see the star on the panel!

4. Age: Leona won the X Factor 2006 at the age of 21 and has managed to keep her head on her shoulders. Having experienced fame at an early age, the star, who is currently 27 will be able to guide the hopefuls in dealing with it.

5. History: Ever since Leona’s victory on the show, there’s no doubt that the star has gone on to become one of the successful artists to come out of the X Factor. Her song ‘Bleeding Love’ became the best selling digital song in America in 2008.

6. Simon Cowell: We don’t think Simon Cowell could be angry with the X Factor panel if his pal Leona was on the show.

7. No cheesy one liners: Leona doesn’t strike us as someone who would say “you look like a popstar, you sing like a popstar, you are a popstar” – ahem Louis Walsh – to every hopeful, so we’d love to hear Leona just give good honest feedback.

8. Variety: Leona would bring a breath of fresh air to the panel against Gary who has taken over from Simon, Louis who comes out with the same one-liners (see above) and Tulisa who isn’t afraid to say what she wants.

9. Contacts: Leona’s contacts list must be amazing! Anyone who is lucky to work with Leona will hopefully have a bright future ahead of them thanks to Leona’s help.

10. Time: We think Leona would be the type of person who would devote her time solely to the X Factor making sure that her acts were prepared.

What do you think? Do you think Leona would make a good judge on the X Factor?