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June 24, 2012

Leona Lewis has given details on two upcoming tracks to Digital Spy at the Radio 1 Hackney Weekend.

Lewis performed ‘Come Alive’ at the festival earlier today (June 23). The song marks a departure from much of her recent work, and the singer was able to give us some information on the origins of the track.

“It’s by me and Fraser T Smith. We wanted to do an uptempo song, but for it to remain true to what I do. We added a tiny bit of dubstep and drum and bass and just rocked it.”

When asked whether the track is a good indication of the rest of the album, she responded: “It’s definitely a piece of it, but there’s much more quiet-sounding instrumentals. The album is a good mixture of programmed synths and live music.”

The Hackney native also confirmed that new single ‘Trouble’ will be out in October, with third album Glassheart out the same month.

‘Trouble’ is written by Emeli Sandé, and Lewis said that their musical partnership has been a rewarding one, commenting: “[‘Trouble’ is] very deep and has amazing lyrics that are from the heart. It was great collaborating with Emeli because she really gets where I come from.”

The X Factor UK winner performed this morning to large crowds at the Radio 1 Hackney Weekend, which more than 100,000 people are expected to attend.


June 23, 2012

Hey Guys! Oh this evening was so AMAZING!!! Leona’s performace at the BBC Radio 1 Hackney Weekend Concert 2012 finished a few hours ago and it was just AWESOME!! Leona looked beautiful and sound amazing and we got the promised new Glassheart Track!. I have to say that Leona’s show was amazing it was a bit short but was so cool. She started singing a cover from the song “Coming Home” featuring the rapper Wretch32 they sounded so good together and was the perfect song to start the evening. Then she did her amazing mashup of Better in Time/Man Down followed by her new EDGY song called “Come Alive” wow she sound so great! and the song is so powerfull… In my opinion it’s not Leona’s best song but since it’s a new sound and we’re not used I must say she did impressed me and I can’t wait to hear more! Hopefully we’ll have more news later about this song, wich we dont know if its gonna be the new single…After “Come Alive” Leona performed her classic “Bleeding Love” followed by a cool new version of “Collide” and to close her performance she impressed with her big ballad “Run” accompanied by the Hackney Community Choir. This concert showed us a new side of a more confident Leona and a new sound! We can’t wait no more for Glassheart!! As I promised on twitter, here we have the 3 first song she did that I recorded from the BBC Radio 1 streaming including “Come Alive” in a clearer version, and some *Exclusive* HQ Pics from this amazing festival! Enjoy!. Edit: Thanks to the amazing youtube user pbaxmc2 heres the full set of Leona’s performance in an excelent quality:

Leona’s Performance Live at BBC Radio 1 Hackney Weekend Concert 2012
“Coming Home” Feat.Wretch 32 Live at Radio 1 Hackney WeekendDownload (Right Click Save As)
“Better in Time/Man Down” Live at Radio 1 Hackney WeekendDownload (Right Click Save As)
New Song “Come Alive” Live at Radio 1 Hackney WeekendDownload (Right Click Save As)
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June 23, 2012

Hey Guys! As you know today is the big Hackney Weekend concert and Leona will be on in just a few minutes! We are so excited and since we know you’re all dying to watch/listen here you have a list of options to do so ( for UK residents and non residents):

• 1st Option: Radio 1 Audio Stream – You can use this player to listen to the performance (Audio Only): Click to Listen
• 2nd Option: Radio 1 Video StreamUse this only if you are a UK Resident: Click to Watch
• 3rd OptionLeona Lewis Portugal Video Sream – Thanks to this amazing site here’s a Live stream that works worldwide:

Watch live streaming video from leonalewisportugal at livestream.com

Watch live streaming video from leonalewisportugal at livestream.com

leonalewisportugal on livestream.com. Broadcast Live Free

June 21, 2012

Fraser T Smith is overseeing production of Leona Lewis’s entire next album, making it the first time a producer has worked across one of her releases.

The co-writer of Adele’s Set Fire To The Rain and Taio Cruz’s Break Your Heart told Music Week that, while other producers were working on what will be in Glassheart her third studio set, he was taking a production role for the whole album as well as co-authoring about half its tracks.

This approach is entirely different to Lewis’s first two albums Spirit and Echo, which were littered with different songwriters and producers across their tracks, among them Max Martin, Dr Luke, Stargate, Ryan Tedder and Steve Mac.

Smith suggested having one producer overseeing everything would result in Lewis “making an artist album rather than it being a collection of songs”.

When having a mixture of producers for one album he reckoned “you end up with maybe two or three radio songs and not necessarily the album sales you want”.

“It’s been amazing,” he said. “It’s been a great challenge to come up with a vision at the beginning of how we wanted it to sound and I hope to be able to do more projects like that in the future.”

“People have preconceptions of what Leona is so you want to keep the essence of that and keep pushing the boundaries,” added Smith who is signed to Sony/ATV Music Publishing.

He revealed the Syco album, which has been given a release date of November 26, was now about 80% finished. “We’ve got the key tracks and we’re very close. She’s done some fantastic vocals and is making a very relevant record and a very important record for her. The songs are really strong,” he said.


June 21, 2012

What’s happened to Leona Lewis?. The answer is to be found in a recording studio in down-town Los Angeles where 26-year-old Leona ” is spending pretty well all my waking hours on the album which is going to be the best thing I’ve ever done.-

Already the album, called Glassheart, has taken over a year to make. Leona’s third studio album, it was scheduled for release last November but has now been rescheduled for this autumn.

“I want to get it absolutely right,- Leona says.- It’s very different from anything I’ve done before. I know there’s a lot riding on it.I can’t afford not to get it right.

“I wanted more dance elements as well as some big ballads. I knew there has been a long delay but I’m certain the finished result will be worth it!-

After splitting from long-time partner Lou Al Chamaa, Leona become a familiar figure on the celeb party circuit. She spent 7,000 pounds on champagne in a Mayfair night-club and was seen partying in Hamburg with 22-year-old dancer Dennis Jauch, who was said to “think the world of her.-

A friend close to Leona said:- Her split from Lou was liberating for her.

She told us she doesn’t know why she waited so long to be single and has no intention of getting into another serious relationship at the moment. But that doesn’t mean she can’t have a good time.-

But now insiders say that they can’t remember when they last saw the pop diva out of the town.

“This new album has taken over her life,- says one.- There is so much riding on it and the long delays have piled on the pressure.

“Leona knows that if Glassheart is a flop it could very seriously damage her career and she’s determined that this won’t happen.

It’s only six years ago, Leona was a receptionist in a London office and making extra money as a pizza waitress. Now she has a fortune of over $10 million.

Leona attributes most of her pop success to the man who has masterminded her records -” legendary California produce Clive Davis, the man who guided Whitney Houston and Alicia Keys to superstardom, and who has guided her career in the US.

“I knew how successful and famous he was and felt really nervous, but we hit it off from the start,- Leona says.

“He gave me the confidence to rise to the challenge I had been given and although there were times when I thought it was all beyond me and I should go back to my job in an office, it all worked out in the end.-

One of over 4,000 hopefuls who auditioned for the 2006 X Factor, Leona had wanted to sing and dance since she was a toddler.

“I went to a stage school and had been in many talent competitions, but never quite made it,- she remembers.

“This time I was certain I had as good a chance as anyone.-

When she auditioned in London, X Factor judges were astounded by the power and the range of her voice.

Simon Cowell remembered: “Contestants are always told not to sing Mariah Carey or Whitney Houston numbers because they’ll never match them. Leona was the incredible exception.-

“She’s fifty times better than any other contestant who has been on the show,- said Take That star Gary Barlow whose group sang with Leona during the X-Factor final, watched by 10 million viewers.

And pop multimillionaire Simon Cowell, who is now guiding her career, added: “She is one of the most talented singers ever to come out of the UK.-

“My dad taught me to be positive but level-headed about the future, but my mum is more of a dreamer and more emotional like me.


June 20, 2012

LEONA Lewis vows her third album Glassheart will be her most powerful yet.

After working with one of the big songwriters behind Adele’s 21, the follow-up to 2009’s Echo will be a more rounded project.

Fraser T. Smith, who worked on Set Fire To The Rain with Adele, is the executive producer on the record.

Leona, 27, told me: “Fraser is a great songwriter, great musician and such a cool person to be around and vibe with.

“When you’re in the studio with someone for that long you really have to get along with them.

“We did the EP together last year and I wanted to keep working with him, so we decided to do the whole album.

“I’m doing it old school and feeling it out, and making sure I’m getting the best songs. I keep going back in trying to make the songs better, more spectacular and up my game each time.”

And hooking up with Fraser, 41, has boosted Leona’s confidence.

She added: “This album is going to be more open because I’ve got to work with people I’ve bonded with.

“It’s such a nice way to make an album as I’ve never done that before. People will hear a whole new side of me.

“It’s really refreshing for me to have so much control and Fraser has given me a lot of power in what I’m doing so it’s been different.”

Leona will air a new track at Radio 1’s Hackney Weekend in London on Saturday when she opens the main stage.


June 8, 2012

Hey Bunnies! We can now be a little more precise about the release of Leona’s 3d studio album, Glassheart! Yesterday evening, Leona appeared at the Rays of sunshine Charity concert and did a quick interview to the famous uk journalist/blogger Dean Piper! She confirmed the release of Glassheart by the end of th summer and is getting a bit more teasing announcing an October release, for her very much anticipated album! Finally we got a new date!

@deanpiper  BTW – Leona album looking like October now. Quite a wait. She’s exciting about the Radio One Hackney Weekend event!

June 2, 2012

Hey Bunnies! we got exciting news! Yesterday morning, Leona appeared at the BBC Radio 1 Live Lounge to attend a Q&A session for the Radio 1Xtra Hackney Academy (She’s one of the embassadors of the project) and people who assisted to the session confirmed that Leona told them her new album Glassheart will be out possibly at the end of summer! This is amazing cause now we know that the single will be release sooner that we think! We can’t wait and let’s pray she will premiere the song at the Hackney gig later this month!
PS. This news was also confirmed on this Interview

June 1, 2012

¡We’ve found interesting news today! Thanks to Leona-ficionado at DigitalSpy’s LLAT, we’ve discovered that 3 new Leona songs have been added to HFA Songfile. For the name of the writers (including Fraser T Smith and some writers from the Nashville recording session earlier this year) we suspect that this songs could be on Glassheart. It’s pretty awesome to see that Leona co-wrote this 3 songs so we can’t wait to listen to them if they made it to the Album! Here are the songs including their respective writers:





May 29, 2012

Leona Lewis is swapping her swooning ballads… for the urban sounds of drum ’n’ bass.

The squeaky clean former X Factor winner is planning an eclectic comeback that will see her try out many ‘different flavours’.

‘At the moment I’m just finishing up my album so I’m hoping it will be out in the summer,’ the star told me.

‘I’ve got a track that’s got a bit of drum’n’bass at the end. It’s quite different to what I’ve had out before.

‘I’ve got a track that’s very 90s. It’s just different influences that I’ve had through my life growing up,’ explained the 26-year-old singer.

Simon Cowell’s pro-tégée said she was trying to do things differently on her third album, Glassheart. Rather than collaborate with lots of technicians like she has in the past, this time there’s just one executive producer at the helm.

‘I’m really actually looking forward to people hearing it,’ she added.

A Hackney girl at heart, Leona said she was currently a nomad whilst recording. ‘I love to travel and at the moment my home is nowhere.

‘I’m always kind of here, there and everywhere,’ the Bleeding Love star said.

On her travels the staunch animal rights campaigner is happy to blast celebs who wear fur and fail to pull their weight in helping relieve the plight of suffering animals.

‘It can be disheartening because I’ll be asked to do campaigns a lot,’ said the horse-lover. ‘I’m so passionate that I’ll put everything into it.

‘You see other campaigns where celebrities jump on board but animal rights issues is something where people feel they can’t really tread.

‘It’s not even about being a vegetarian. It’s about having a bit of empathy for what these animals are going through. I do think celebrities could do more.