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August 3, 2015

Hello guys! We’re finally back after a long long break and this time we promise you we will keep the site updated and even more now that Leona is promoting the ‘I Am’ era. Thanks to Umitohoshi we have a beautiful new theme that embrace the new artistic direction Leona is taking with her music right now. Light, clean and with the beautiful outtakes she’s using for the album promo. We have been also updating the gallery and the news section so make sure you take a look. Thanks for always visiting us!

April 3, 2013


Hello everyone! As you know April 3rd is an special day!… Why? Because it’s Leona’s 28th Birthday!

From the bottom of our hearts, we would like to wish Leona a Happy Birthday! Hope you enjoy your special day next to your loved ones. We wish you all the success in this new year of life as well as lots of love, happiness, joy and all the greatest things that you could imagine. Thanks for being a part of our lifes with your music, your voice and your soul, we love you!

With much love, your greatest fans
Eduardo & Julien
The Leonadaily Team

December 16, 2012

Hello everyone! Just before the day ends I decided to make a little post about this special date. Today (December 16th) 6 years ago we witness the born of a star. Her name was Leona Lewis. With her raw and pure talent, she won the X Factor UK 2006 and later became one of the most amazing and successful female artists in the UK and a well know pop star all over the world! With her amazing voice and her beauty Leona has captured the attention of millions of people like us that now admire her and look after her. She has showed us that you can have all the money in the world but the most important thing is to stay humble and be kind with others and that you don’t have to loose your integrity to achieve what you want and what you believe in. We’ve sang with ‘Bleeding Love’ cried with ‘Happy’ and danced with ‘Glassheart’, and thats just a bite of what a Leona song can make you feel! We know there are still more years to come and we’ll be a part of this amazing journey that’s only beginning! Thanks for all this amazing years of incredible music, pure beauty, sweetness, humility and many many more qualities that describes you,  our admired Leona!

The Real Leona Lewis

Thanks to Amy (aka Burtini) for this beautiful video. It defines exactly what Leona is. We Love it!

October 16, 2012

Hey guys! Today is an special day in our website. One of my dearest friends (and owner of the site) with who I started this amazing journey called LeonaDaily.net is celebrating his 24th Birthday! So I wanted to take a minute to wish to the dear Julien a Happy Birthday! hope all your birthday wishes come true and that you enjoy and celebrate this special date next to your loved ones!! Much love and appreciation bro!.

LeonaDaily Team

September 27, 2012

Hey Guys!! As we informed yesterday on our social networks we’re proud to introduce you to our Brand New Look!, LeonaDaily 2.0!. This is our second version and in the aim of keeping our proffesional side, this layout is clean, polished but still have our unique LeonaDaily.net touch!. Hope you guys like the new features we have on this new version, including our very own Leona Radio! Let us know what you think about our brand new look in the comments, your opinion is very important to us! Enjoy…Only at Leonadaily.net!

May 3, 2012

Hey Guys! We just wanted to make a little reminder to let you know that Leonadaily.net is also on Facebook. Each news is published live on the Facebook page. We need you there too and make the Leona Lewis community grow. So check out our facebook page and don’t forget to “Like” us… if you do “Like” us of course. Thanks a lot!

April 24, 2012

Hey Guys! as we’ve promised before the spanish version of the site is finally opened! It will feature the same elements as the english main site but now translated in Spanish by me (not the google translator spanish lol) , including news, pages and everything else! So if you don’t know english or if you know but prefer to read in spanish go ahead and visit the spanish version by clicking the link on the top bar of the page!

March 13, 2012

Welcome to LeonaDaily, the brand new International Leona Lewis Website. This new amazing project is the result of the union of two big Leona sources the amazing Leonaweb.net managed by Julien from France and Leonaworld.net managed by Eduardo from Venezuela. We decided to unite our sites with the aim of bringing you the most professional and deluxe Leona Lewis website around the internet, bringing you exclusive news, pictures, multimedia and the most amazing content in three different languages English, Spanish and French, so all people around the world can be updated with all things about our amazing artist Leona.
LeonaDaily, the brand new international Leona Lewis Website, will bring you amazing features that you would love:

  • A professional and clean website design featuring Leona’s latest photoshoot by the amazing photographer Guy Aroch.
  • A three Languages site including English, Spanish (coming soon) and French (coming soon), to reunite Leona’s fan base all around the world
  • Leona Pictures, the biggest Leona Lewis Gallery around the Internet, with more than 30.000 Pictures, including HQ exclusive Photoshoots, Red Carpet Events, and Paparazzi Candids among others.
  • My Glassheart Forums, the brand new community about Leona Lewis, managed by our amazing friend Ben, also in three languages, with the aim to give us, the Leona Fan base, a place to discuss all things about her and to meet all fans around the world.
  • Lots of Daily Good Stuff!

So from now on you have your new Leona Network! Leona Daily. Please Spread the word and feel free to navigate the whole site. If you have suggestions, opinions or just a comment feel free to contact us, like us on Facebook or Follow us on Twitter. Thanks for your visit and enjoy the site!

Eduardo & Julien
The LeonaDaily Team