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June 18, 2012

Hey Guys! That is one hell of a news and it has been confirmed directly by Leona herself! Leona will officially introduce to her fans new material of her very anticipated album Glassheart, at the next Radio1 Hackney Week-end, on saturday 23d! No need to say that we are over exited! Have a look…

Leona Lewis has confirmed that she will perform new material during her set at Radio 1’s Hackney Weekend.

The singer revealed that she is currently undecided which of her songs from upcoming album Glassheart will premiere.

Speaking about preparations for the set, Lewis told BBC Newsbeat: “I’m quite militant! I like to be quite well prepared in advance. I’m not that well prepared that I know every single song, but I probably know 90% of what I’m going to be doing.

“I do have new material so I’m just deciding what new song I’m going to put into the set. I’m hoping it’s going to be awesome and everyone’s going to have a good time.”

She added: “I’m opening so I’ve got to put on a bloody good show, innit!”

Lewis will play on the main stage at the two-day event on Saturday (June 23).

Radio 1’s Hackney Weekend will take place at Hackney Marshes in London and feature headline sets from Jay-Z and Rihanna.


June 18, 2012

Hey Guys! As you may know Leona appeared yesterday night on a special documentary called “Plan B, Leona Lewis and Labrinth: Project Hackney” as a part of the upcoming Hackney Weekend. The documentary is about a group of teenagers in east London, that with the help of this artists will express the story of their tough lives by putting on a music event in their communty (Hackney).  Thanks to pbaxmc2 from youtube we have now the segments of Leona’s appereances on the documentary. She did amazing with the kids so you’ll enjoy this so much!. In case you want to watch the whole documentary click here.

We’ve also added some screencaptures of the Documentary to our Gallery:

328.jpg 388.jpg 393.jpg 250.jpg

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June 15, 2012

Coldplay’s Will Champion has praised Leona Lewis.

The drummer revealed that he was a fan of the X Factor star and described her interpretation of Snow Patrol’s ‘Run’ as “wonderful”.

Speaking to CFM Radio, Champion said: “[Leona Lewis] is brilliant, I think. Amazing voice. She did a fantastic cover of the Snow Patrol song [‘Run’], it was wonderful.” (…Read full article)


June 14, 2012

Hey Guys! Leonadaily.net is very glad to welcome a very special and amazing guy back at Leona’s side for this special Hackney Concert! Indeed, last night Steve Anderson, a Producer Songwriter/Musical Director, revealed that he is working with Leona on her opening performance for Hackney Weekend. Steve has been working with Leona for years, and has been particularly nice to Leona’s fans. So he’s gonna work with Leona on the staging of her LONDON Show, next week end! As an example he’s the one behind the incredible Queen Jubilee performance of Kylie Minogue and many others! Look what he tweeted:

Very proud to be working with the fabulous @leonalewismusic again on her R1 Hackney Big Weekend performance – its going to be so special !

Weclome back Steve! We’re so glad to have you back on this project!

June 8, 2012

Hey Bunnies! We can now be a little more precise about the release of Leona’s 3d studio album, Glassheart! Yesterday evening, Leona appeared at the Rays of sunshine Charity concert and did a quick interview to the famous uk journalist/blogger Dean Piper! She confirmed the release of Glassheart by the end of th summer and is getting a bit more teasing announcing an October release, for her very much anticipated album! Finally we got a new date!

@deanpiper  BTW – Leona album looking like October now. Quite a wait. She’s exciting about the Radio One Hackney Weekend event!

June 6, 2012

Hey Guys! Just a quick news…In a recent interview, one of the finalist of the X Factor (UK) 2011, Marcus Collins, have expressed his opinion about the possibility of Leona being a permanent judge on the show, and now we bring you the little part of the interview. This is what Marcus told to Entertainmentwise.com:

Marcus added: “I really don’t know [who should replace Kelly] It’s a hard one, as long as they were a performer and knew what they were talking about then that would be a great judge. Leona Lewis would be ideal as she’s been through the X Factor process before as she cab relate to the audtionees and she know exactly how they are feeling and what they are going through.


It’s so good to see that people including fellow artists support Leona on this, it seems everybody know that she’s able to do a good job at judging!

June 2, 2012

Earlier this week Leona Lewis returned to the X Factor, but this time she was behind the desk and not auditioning in front of it, joining resident judges Tulisa, Gary Barlow and Louis Walsh.

While Leona Lewis took the guest judge’s seat on X Factor she clearly proved to the doubters that she’s made it, but life wasn’t always so sweet for the star.

While speaking at BBC Radio 1 and 1Xtra’s Academy today, a live question and answer session that mentors young people in Hackney, Leona revealed:

“I was bullied at school, so I used that to channel all my energy into singing and kept my head down.”

People being mean to the pretty star is nothing new, even during the X Factor auditions the public turned on her.

Gary Barlow told the Metro: “People think Leona’s a bit bland but she was great fun, even though she got booed.

“I had to tell her beforehand, `Don’t let the audience sway you `cos they’re a brutal crowd at the auditions’.”

While on home turf in Hackney today omg! witnessed the singer share her experiences in the music industry and also opened up about why we’ve not heard (or seen) much of her of late.

She said: “It’s hard writing an album, it takes a while, you can’t rush it out — so you’re away for a bit. My album will be out at the end of the summer.

“I’ve had to be strong and courageous in what I want. Simon Cowell knew I was an artist not just a singer who’d sing any song.

“And now I have full creative control from the promotion, photo shoots and the video — it’s taken a while to get but I’ve got it now.”

The singer dished out advice to aspiring musicians in East London sitting aside hit music producer, Labrinth as the duo shared their very real experiences.

Leona also opened up about cracking America and meeting her idols.

“Alicia Keys is the most exciting person I’ve met, hers was the first concert I ever went to and it was amazing. When I met Beyonce I couldn’t believe she knew who I was.

“I knew I’d made it in the US when I was in the car on my way to an interview and my song was on the radio and the driver was singing along to it but he didn’t know it was me.”

Despite being the one helping young people break into the music industry it was Leona who admitted she still gets nervous but over time it’s got better.

Aww, she’s no reason to be though, she’s amazing!


June 2, 2012

Hey Bunnies! we got exciting news! Yesterday morning, Leona appeared at the BBC Radio 1 Live Lounge to attend a Q&A session for the Radio 1Xtra Hackney Academy (She’s one of the embassadors of the project) and people who assisted to the session confirmed that Leona told them her new album Glassheart will be out possibly at the end of summer! This is amazing cause now we know that the single will be release sooner that we think! We can’t wait and let’s pray she will premiere the song at the Hackney gig later this month!
PS. This news was also confirmed on this Interview

June 1, 2012

¡We’ve found interesting news today! Thanks to Leona-ficionado at DigitalSpy’s LLAT, we’ve discovered that 3 new Leona songs have been added to HFA Songfile. For the name of the writers (including Fraser T Smith and some writers from the Nashville recording session earlier this year) we suspect that this songs could be on Glassheart. It’s pretty awesome to see that Leona co-wrote this 3 songs so we can’t wait to listen to them if they made it to the Album! Here are the songs including their respective writers:





May 31, 2012

Hey Bunnies! Bad news… As you may know Leona Lewis was supposed to perform on the Radio 1 Live Lounge Tomorrow morning. Finally, we had more details about this appearance and it’s now sure that Leona is NOT performing any songs on the Radio show. She will do a Q&A interview and make the promotion for Hackney Concert and the 1Xtra Academy along with the Uk singer Labyrinth! The only performer planned is Professor Green… We are sure she’s getting ready for an incredible show at the Hackney Week end!

The Radio 1 and 1Xtra Academy opens on Friday 1 June and runs until Friday 22 June. You can apply for all of the Take It On Q&A Sessions now.

It’s a place to get real advice from those that know, including Plan B, Labrinth, Leona Lewis, Adam Deacon, Ashley Walters, Jamal Edwards plus many, many more including the DJs from BBC Radio 1 and 1Xtra.