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November 4, 2013

Leona Lewis bunny world! We have all been waiting for this for a long time now and here it is now! Leona’s headquarters unveiled Leona’s new album “Christmas, with love” cover artwork yesterday! Be sure to pre-order the album now on your iTunes store wherever you are in the world!

November 1, 2013

Last week (October 25, 2013) Leona attended a private event called “Gig on a Wing”, sponsored by British airline, “British Airways” to launch their new plane, A380 in Hong Kong. Leona performed three songs including her hits Come Alive, Bleeding Love and a Lenny Kravitz cover of Fly Away. The official youtube channel of British Airways uploaded two proffesional videos of the performances. Leona sounded great, you can check them out bellow. We’ve also included some photos of the event to our gallery.

Leona Lewis – Come Alive (Live)

Leona Lewis – Bleeding Love (Live)

October 22, 2013

The producers of “Holiday!”, Leona’s first film, took the cameras and crew to London to record some scenes and as expected paparazzis took the time and captured our girl on set!. Thanks to my amazing friend Cristian, we have 22 new HQ *EXCLUSIVE* candids of Leona filming “Holiday!” in London earlier today! Check them out by clicking on the thumbnails bellow:

22-10-2013 Leona on the set of “Holiday!” in London, UK (HQ)

21.jpg 20.jpg 19.jpg 16.jpg
October 8, 2013

Hey guys! We did not post picturs for a long time but these last few days Eduardo and I, decided to give you some presents as reward for your patience and constant support on the social networks! So here are the lasts candids pictures of Leona Lewis filming her new first movie “Holiday!” in Italy, September 2013! Have a look and enjoy… It’s ONLY on Leonadaily.net

14-09-2013 Leona filming “Holiday!” on the beach, Italy (MQ)

018.jpg 017.jpg 016.jpg 015.jpg
15-09-2013 Leona filming “Holiday!” on the beach, Italy (HQ)

012.jpg 014.jpg 013.jpg 09.jpg
16-09-2013 Leona filming “Holiday!” on the beach, Italy (HQ)

05.jpg 04.jpg 03.jpg 02.jpg
16-09-2013 Leona filming “Holiday!” on the beach, Italy (HQ)

010.jpg 09.jpg 08.jpg 07.jpg
18-09-2013 Leona filming “Holiday!” on the beach, Italy (HQ)

01.jpg 08.jpg 07.jpg 06.jpg
21-09-2013 Leona filming “Holiday!” on the beach, Italy (HQ)

036.jpg 035.jpg 034.jpg 032.jpg
October 7, 2013

Hey guys! Sorry for the lack of news lately! We’ve been lost but we came back with amazing exclusive content! As you may know Leona has been filming her new musical movie “Holiday!” (TBR in 2014) in Italy, and paparazzis did not wait any time to follow her and take photos of the crew and the actors on set. This time we got 76 HQ behind the scenes photos of Leona in Nardo, Italy last tuesday (01/10/2013) while filming some of the movie scenes. Leona looks gorgeous with all of those outfits and the movie seems to be really funny and cool! We can’t wait to watch it! Thanks to my amazing friend Cristian for the photos. If you like Little mix you should check out his fansite dedicated to them, you’ll love it!

01-10-13 Leona filming “Holiday!” in Nardo, Italy (HQ)

14.jpg 56.jpg 13.jpg 76.jpg
July 22, 2013

Good morning everyone! Yesterday was Hopefield Animal Sanctuary‘s 30th anniversary celebration and Leona, who’s ambassador of it, attended the place to share an special day with fans and people who stopped by to support the wonderful job people there are doing with animals. Leona also counted with the support and presence of some UK celebrity friends like Samantha Faiers, Lauren Pope, Alex Reid among others. It seems like it was a nice evening, and as always we have some photos and a video of the event for you. Enjoy!

20.jpg 19.jpg 18.jpg 16.jpg

Video: Leona Lewis shares why she supports Hopefield Animal Sanctuary

July 14, 2013

Hello everyone! ‘The Glassheart Tour’ is now officially over and we’re sad about that… but looking at the bright side we have exciting things to look forward in the next few months!…Anyway, Leona performed yesterday night at Kew Gardens during the Kew the Music festival as a part of the final night of her tour and she was amazing as always! The venue was full and people who attended the concert tweeted they were satisfied with the show and enjoyed the night that was closed with Leona belting ‘Run’ at the light of a beautiful set of fireworks that were launched!. Leona performed the same setlist as her Scarborough show but this time she shared the stage with british group Soul II Soul. Long length videos of the evening haven’t appear yet, however We have uploaded 39 Super Exclusive HQ photos of the show, click on the thumbnails bellow to enlarge them:

71.jpg 70.jpg 68.jpg 69.jpg

Video Playlist: Leona Lewis – Live at Kew Gardens (13/07/13)

July 13, 2013

As you may know yesterday night, Leona performed at Scarborough Open Air Theatre as a part of the extension of her ‘Glassheart Tour’ in which she included two Open Air Venues. The show was amazing and Leona rocked a  summery look wearing flowy clothes and curly hair (she looked HOT). The tracklist was the same as the previous shows but she removed a few songs like ‘Sugar’, ‘Man Down’, ‘I To You’, ‘Broken’ and included a new cover; Rihanna’s hit ‘Diamonds’. Here’s a video playlist of Leona’s show (thanks to NathanRandle from youtube), and the amazing full performance of her Rihanna ‘Diamonds’ cover (thanks to Craig for the amazing quality vid)  aswell of some professional photos of the night.

01.jpg 03.jpg 02.jpg scarborough.jpg

July 10, 2013

Hello Everyone! Sorry for the lack of updates we’ve been very busy. Now that we have time to update, here are some new outtakes of a photoshoot Leona did for a little spread she had on this months Cosmopolitan (UK) Magazine, taken by Ben Riggott. She looks so cute wearing bunny ears and doing funny random faces! If you haven’t seen it yet you’ll love it!
POST UPDATED: Replaced the old files with HQ ones and added 1 more outtake!

04.jpg 03.jpg 02.jpg 01.jpg

Dont forget to pick up your copy of Cosmopolitan if you’re in the UK!

June 14, 2013

Hello everyone! Last wednesday (12/06/13), Leona was seen at the MySpace Relaunch party held at El Rey Theatre in Los Angeles, US and we have photos of the event. We have uploaded 5 HQ images of the Red carpet arrivals as well as some candids and a video of Leona leaving the party.

MySpace Event at El Rey Theatre in Los Angeles – Arrivals (HQ)

04.jpg 05.jpg 03.jpg 02.jpg
12-06-13 Leona Lewis leaving the Myspace Event in Los Angeles

13.jpg 12.jpg 11.jpg 10.jpg