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September 30, 2015

Leona Lewis has been getting ALL the promo this past weekend as not only did she duet with Taylor Swift, but she’s also performed with none other than Jason Derulo.

We reported yesterday that Leona Lewis recently took to the stage with the amazing Taylor Swift in Nashville, in which the pair performed Leona’s smash hit, Bleeding Love. It’s definitely a duet we never saw coming, and there were no rumours beforehand that Leona would be taking to the stage.

But, as much of a surprise that it was, it was a perfect performance as Leona was on point. We’d love to see a proper powerhouse duet with Taylor and Leona in the future.

However, on Friday evening Leona Lewis lined up another special duet and this time it was with Jason Derulo on his track, Want to Want Me.

“Happy Friday buns! Having a fun moment, check out my duet w/ Jason Derulo,” she wrote on Facebook as she posted the video of their duet.

Sadly, the duet only took place over Smule’s Sing! Karaoke app, where fans can sing duets with their favourite artists, and we have to say, Leona out-sung Jason Derulo on his own track.

Jason also noticed the duet, as he tweeted a link to the video, and wrote: “Here’s me and @leonalewis duetin wit’ her sexy ass #WantToWantMe”.

Let’s hope they perform together for real next time. If you would like the opportunity to perform with Jason, or even Leona, you can download the FREE iOS app here and the Android app here!

Check out the performance below…


December 16, 2012

Hello everyone! Just before the day ends I decided to make a little post about this special date. Today (December 16th) 6 years ago we witness the born of a star. Her name was Leona Lewis. With her raw and pure talent, she won the X Factor UK 2006 and later became one of the most amazing and successful female artists in the UK and a well know pop star all over the world! With her amazing voice and her beauty Leona has captured the attention of millions of people like us that now admire her and look after her. She has showed us that you can have all the money in the world but the most important thing is to stay humble and be kind with others and that you don’t have to loose your integrity to achieve what you want and what you believe in. We’ve sang with ‘Bleeding Love’ cried with ‘Happy’ and danced with ‘Glassheart’, and thats just a bite of what a Leona song can make you feel! We know there are still more years to come and we’ll be a part of this amazing journey that’s only beginning! Thanks for all this amazing years of incredible music, pure beauty, sweetness, humility and many many more qualities that describes you,  our admired Leona!

The Real Leona Lewis

Thanks to Amy (aka Burtini) for this beautiful video. It defines exactly what Leona is. We Love it!

October 7, 2012

Hey guys, a few days ago, the website Amazon.com revealed some snippets of Leona’s new album Glassheart! Now the Leona’s Headquarters (HQ) officially released new, longer and higer quality snippets of “Glassheart”. So have a listen, it’s still sounds pretty incredible, once again! So many great news these days … And do not forget to vote for YOUR most anticipated song!


September 30, 2012

Hey guys! You probably do not knwo when and if “Glassheart” is gonna be release in your country? And you would kill to have it on your hands on October 15th ? Here is the solution, for all Leona’s fans around the world! Indeed you can buy Glassheart (standard edition) and Glassheart ( Deluxe Edition) online and even pay by Paypal! You also can choose the Mp3 version or CD version!  I just did and it works really good! So click below and order your copies now 🙂

Order “Glassheart” NOW

(From anywhere in the world)


September 22, 2012

Hey guys! The Glamour UK edition gave the chance to Leona, to write her own fashion blog on their official website! It is now online and it’s pretty good actually! If you like Leona’s chic, glam and stylish style you will definitely love this blog! Enjoy …

September 21, 2012


While the Dance-craze is day by day chipping away at the dignity of many a chart act, Lewis avoids such territory by serving up something edgy and progressive. Put simply, its Dance-Pop at its most “premium”.

Issues potentially arise, though, when considering how Eurocentric the cut is. Would a song or moreover a “sound” like this work in the US – Lewis’ next biggest market after home? There’s also the fact that lead single ‘Trouble’ resonated with many as being the “lane” Leona should play in – given how well suited and comfortable she seems there. With this track, though, much of the uncertainty that greeted last year’s ‘Collide’ resurfaces. Can Leona not just “own” such a sound, but also be successful (on a global scale) with it too? The months ahead will be very interesting.


September 13, 2012

The day is getting closer and closer guys and we have to support “Glassheart” in each ways possible! So whan a huge musicblog is asking you “Wich album are you gonna buy this autumn?” Your answer is … “Glassheart” by Leona Lewis of course! Remember that “Glassheart” is available for pre-order on iTunes UK/Ireland.


August 16, 2012

She scrubs up squeaky clean but Leona Lewis has revealed she’s a whole lot of trouble in the bedroom and drives her lovers to booze and fags.

The former X Factor champ has turned all hip hop with comeback track Trouble, busting out some rap to air her bedroom woes.

On the single she bleats: ‘You smoked 10 now it’s 20… bet you wish you never met me.’

The 27-year-old explains: ‘Trouble tells the story of love going bad and becoming destructive, aspects of which we can all relate to.’

Written by Emeli Sande, the track features a guest turn from rapper Childish Gambino and makes up part of Leona’s third studio album, Glassheart, which is due for release on October 15.

The single hits the airwaves on Tuesday.

June 23, 2012

Hey Guys! As you know today is the big Hackney Weekend concert and Leona will be on in just a few minutes! We are so excited and since we know you’re all dying to watch/listen here you have a list of options to do so ( for UK residents and non residents):

• 1st Option: Radio 1 Audio Stream – You can use this player to listen to the performance (Audio Only): Click to Listen
• 2nd Option: Radio 1 Video StreamUse this only if you are a UK Resident: Click to Watch
• 3rd OptionLeona Lewis Portugal Video Sream – Thanks to this amazing site here’s a Live stream that works worldwide:

Watch live streaming video from leonalewisportugal at livestream.com

Watch live streaming video from leonalewisportugal at livestream.com

leonalewisportugal on livestream.com. Broadcast Live Free

May 13, 2012
Hey bunnies! Here you go for a new Leona’s mission! The US TV music channel VH1, has announced that this year’s Vh1 Divas’ Concert will be a Tribute to the late Whitney Houston! And a great wesbite, is asking you to choose the line-up for this One night only event! Leona is on the list, so vote as many times as you can, hoping that the Vh1 channel will take this poll seriously! She has to be there i mean she’s a “Baby” Whitney as Whitney Houston used to say about Leona… So let’s go and vote now!
Edit: Leona is now #1! Keep voting