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December 16, 2012

Hello everyone! Just before the day ends I decided to make a little post about this special date. Today (December 16th) 6 years ago we witness the born of a star. Her name was Leona Lewis. With her raw and pure talent, she won the X Factor UK 2006 and later became one of the most amazing and successful female artists in the UK and a well know pop star all over the world! With her amazing voice and her beauty Leona has captured the attention of millions of people like us that now admire her and look after her. She has showed us that you can have all the money in the world but the most important thing is to stay humble and be kind with others and that you don’t have to loose your integrity to achieve what you want and what you believe in. We’ve sang with ‘Bleeding Love’ cried with ‘Happy’ and danced with ‘Glassheart’, and thats just a bite of what a Leona song can make you feel! We know there are still more years to come and we’ll be a part of this amazing journey that’s only beginning! Thanks for all this amazing years of incredible music, pure beauty, sweetness, humility and many many more qualities that describes you,  our admired Leona!

The Real Leona Lewis

Thanks to Amy (aka Burtini) for this beautiful video. It defines exactly what Leona is. We Love it!

October 8, 2012

Good morning everyone! To start the day we’ve got new EXCLUSIVE candid pics for you! This time the paparazzis captured Leona and her friend Maloy outside the Fountains Studios, after she performed on the fist X Factor Results show and on The Xtra Factor!. Click on any of the thumbnails bellow to enlarge the pics:

008.jpg 007.jpg 006.jpg 005.jpg

» Gallery Links:

Candids > 2012 > 08-10-2012 Leona outside the X Factor Studios (HQ)

October 7, 2012

Here it is!Have a look at the stellar performance of “Trouble”, by Leona Lewis on the Uk X-factor! As ever and maybe more than ever, on this particular stage, Leona gave an absolutely stunning and epic performance of her new single “Trouble”! Have a look it’s just magical… Have a look!

[Updated]: Better late than never Guys! Here you have the download link for Leona’s STUNNING performance of “Trouble” last sunday at the first results show of The XFactor UK 2012 (We’ve also added a player with the video since the official one on Youtube is blocked!)

Leona Lewis Performing “Trouble” Live on the X Factor UK 2012

[jwplayer config=”LeonaDaily” file=”http://www.fileden.com/files/2010/10/18/2996695/TroubleXf.mp4″]
[download id=”2″ format=”3″]

October 2, 2012

Hello guys; ahead of the release of Leona’s new single “Trouble” on october 7th, Leona Lewis will perform in the first live show of the UK X-factor! It has been officially confirmed! It’s also confirmed now that Leonaand her team are creating a special staging for the occasion… Indeed she’s working with one of the most famous Creative Director in the UK, Emma Bull! Have a look …

[tweet https://twitter.com/MassMovementLon/statuses/252875612023300096 align=’center’ lang=’es’]


September 13, 2012

Simon Cowell has branded Leona Lewis the savior of X Factor.

Speaking via a video message at Sony Music’s company day on Tuesday, Cowell gave special thanks to Nick Gatfield, Edgar Berger and Syco Music’s Sonny Takhar but reserved high praise for Syco singer Leona Lewis.

The talent show boss suggested that Lewis marked the fulfillment of his X Factor aim saying: “When we created X Factor, it was more than a television show. The idea behind it was to discover real stars.

“When I think of our biggest success on X Factor, initially, one person changed the perception of the show worldwide and her name is Leona Lewis,” he added. “You literally saved our show.”

Cowell then introduced Lewis who sang live at the event performing two songs from her upcoming album Glassheart.

Simon Cowell’s message to his Sony Music colleagues can be found in full below:

“I’ve got so many thank yous. Let me start with Nick [Gatfield] who’s been with us for about a year now. Nick, I just want to say you’ve made a massive difference and I want to thank you for everything you’ve done; your support, your guidance, your enthusiasm. It really has been a breathe of fresh air and we’ve really felt the difference. 

“I also want to say a huge thank you to Edgar [Berger]. The job you’ve done for our artists internationally has been nothing short of a miracle. It’s made a massive difference to the perception of Syco, of our artists and really is an incredible job. You started running when you started this job, it wasn’t a slow pace. It’s been incredible and we’re all incredibly grateful for everything you’ve done.

“I also have to say a begrudging thank you to Sonny Takhar. Sonny what you’ve done with your team – I think there’s 10 people that work for Syco Music – and seeing the impact of our artists all over the world this year, again, is nothing short of a miracle. The quality of the artists, the care that you’ve put into them, the team that you’ve assembled, the A&R expertise; it’s everything I could have dreamed of, so I’m incredibly grateful to you. It pains me to say this, bearing in mind that, as I do, you are two feet away from me smiling like a Cheshire cat.

“I also want to say a huge thank you to the artists. It’s been a true partnership. It’s exactly what I’ve always wanted from this label and I’m very proud of you.

“Finally, when we created X Factor, it was more than a television show, the idea behind it was to discover real stars. When I think of our biggest success on X Factor initially, one person changed the perception of the show worldwide and her name is Leona Lewis.

“You literally saved our show. I dreamt of finding a superstar. I’ll never forget Leona’s first audition, I’ll never forget the call from Clive Davies when you were on the live shows and you have transformed into a global superstar. It’s been two years since we heard a Leona record, I think this new album is sensational, you’ve never sounded better.”

September 11, 2012

Hey Guys! We have just added to our gallery 85 HD screenshots of Leona as a Guest judge for the London Auditions of the X-factor UK! She looks lovely and is so touching! Have a look …  It’s only on Leonadaily.net!

084.jpg 085.jpg 082.jpg 083.jpg
September 9, 2012

This is it guys! Tonight Leona took her place as Guest Judge for an episode of the X-factor UK London Auditions! She joined Gary Barlow, Louis Walsh and Tulisa in the judge panel! And here are the first videos of Leona as a Judge! She’s been a real success on twitter and people loved her as a judge! Twitter has been crasy about her during the whole show! Leona was sincere, sweet, nice, funny and amazingly beautiful … Here’s some of the auditions:

Eddie String

Amy Mottram