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October 17, 2012

Almost seven years in the biz and three years since her last  album ‘echoed’ in our ears,  with the exception of Hurt pleasantly filling the cold space in between, Leona Lewis has returned with her third studio album, Glassheart.

There’s no second guessing when it comes to the natural talent of this British songstress. She has hits to shut you up with. But with several delays, including coping with the restructuring of her record label, will third time really be a charm for the soulful lady? Let’s analyze:

I told you you should never follow me. But here we are, and you’re in too deep. I’m a whole lot of trouble” croons Leona in the opening number, appropriately titled ‘Trouble‘. The song’s nicely done; not over-the-top, but not too reserved. I’d say its intriguing nature rests hihly on those dramatic keys, haunting strings and alluring vocals flowing effortlessly along with the hip hop, electropop mashup beat. Trouble depicts the sad side to a relationship, which is actually inspired by the singer’s own past love. That little fact makes the song even more personal and more emotionally charged. I believe the music video plays out the lyrics impeccably well.

Unlove Me continues where the first left off. The relationship is just not working and she knows she has to let go, but in her heart she still wants him to be the one even though its wrong to do so. The pop driven track has solid lyrics and an energetic beat, but offers nothing on the wow factor. A good song in itself, yes, just nothing fantastic. That high pitch ‘unlove me’ repeating in the bridge wasn’t pleasant to my ears either.

After all the back and forth in the relationship, Lovebird portrays a liberated Leona who finally found the strength to let go. Her heart has been set free and she no longer suffers. Throughout the entire song you can feel her new found freedom and how happy she is to be unchained. With every word Lewis pulls you along on her adventure and you can’t help but connect with her on this one. From the musical arrangement to her loosened tones, the song is completely alive. Exceptionally done.

So far the album stayed on an uptempo path with the intensified use of snare drums ever present on her records. Not that you’ll feel tired, because the top three are energetic though on the bittersweet side. But I’m sure by now we’d all want some variety, and an electronized number was quite a surprise.

Dubstep is hot, but the genre doesn’t always come out that way in every song it’s incorporated in. Experimenting is very risky for any artist no matter how bold one is to try something different and a bit unexpected. Fortunately, Come Alive had satisfying results. I believe Leona describes it best, because this song is indeed like “fire through my veins“. Not sure about the concept in comparison to the previous, though. Because the singer has gone from letting him go to now pouring her heart out about wanting his love, which evidently brings her to life if she’s singing out more than ever. One could also interpret this track as being a new start; Leona has found another that has captivated her in every way. Whatever the case, the track showcases a sexy side to the singer. And that techno crossover is absolutely brilliant. Production wise, the song is off the hook. This has the potential to become an album single.

Ballads, where art thou? 

Leona is unleashed on the soulful and passionate Fireflies. The indispensable quality of this track warms the air with its spiritual influence. You’re bound to get enamored by those piano melodies and a smooth toned Lewis in the opening verse, and later getting utterly swept away by her electrifying notes in wild abandon that tug on your heart towards the end.

I To You is sure to leave you breathless, that’s if you ignore its resemblance to Alicia Keys’ Try Sleeping With a Broken Heart in the beginning,  and allow those evocative strings to wrap themselves around you. In fact, the song is drenched in a heavenly orchestral arrangement of strings complimenting Leona’s sensual and raw voice. Hard to describe such an indescribable track. The message conveyed is worth, and what exactly you mean to the person you’ve sacrificed a lot for but who seems to hurt you regardless.

Turn the music up!

The 80′s pop influenced Shake You Up kicks in at the right time to pull listeners out of the sad and defeated state into a more confident and determined drive, while moving your body on the dance floor as well. Though the production took the old school route, modern pop elements are intertwined in the mix to add a fresh sound. The song is definitely about being fed up. She’s ready to move on from it all because he’s undeserving of her love.

And its back to what she does so well…

Stop the Clocks delivers a less than powerful arrangement of pop rudiments but her honey like voice soars sweetly and makes up for the tamed electro beat. But while Favourite Scar has urban aspects fused with pop and hip hop elements, the repetitive nature couldn’t win me over. Aside from that, both served up far from generic lyrics like the previous tracks.

Any song that starts out with “I am numb to the pain…” is definitely going to be about heartbreak. And there’s plenty of those in Leona’s music from the beginning of her career. But once When It Hurts starts playing who can resist the unavoidable force that resounds in her voice, and those inviting melodies that you just have to drown yourself in. The song describes the suffering one goes through in a stressful relationship, and how difficult it is to cope once it ends. The addition of an electric guitar adds emphasis on the emotion behind Leona’s singing, where the truth lies.

Glassheart revitalizes that particular vigor left in Come Alive, possibly because both tracks are dubstep techno fused. The midtempos were delightful while they lasted but I felt as if I was drowning in sorrow and in overwhelming love. So, an uptempo title track was a great idea and impressive switch from all that pain. It’s nice to know Lewis can take on dance; a notion previously demonstrated in the hypnotic Collide and intoxicating Outta My Head from Echo. I enjoyed the dance number a great deal but like all the other tracks has nothing on the incomparable Fingerprint.

The closing track just had to be a ballad, one that’s possessing at that. Leona smooths in on a low but mesmerizing tone while gently poised over ethereal keys, a reverberating yet deeply set drumbeat, and once more the use of storytelling strings. The song’s about loving no one else like that one person, and appreciating all the things that make him irreplaceable. A message that causes heat-rush whenever her voice takes off immensely. I’d say Fingerprint‘s sole purpose was to give a raw display of the singer’s vocal ability. Did it succeed? I believe so.

*A bonus version of Trouble, featuring Childish Gambino, is included on the regular version but its presence is questionable as the rapper’s far from entertaining addition did nothing to make the track hotter than it already is. And of course, you could indulge yourself further in Leona’s sensuality as she calms things down and give you an acoustic session you’ll never forget on the deluxe version. But I must say, though I didn’t before, the title track’s hook in its slower form sounds mighty similar to another huge Ryan Tedder penned song. No need for names, just listen.

Glassheart is an enjoyable third release from the pop artist. The album doesn’t exactly signify growth in terms of concept, because of the reoccurring theme of issues with love in her songs. But the lyrics aren’t recycled either, and it’s interesting to see Leona challenging herself by bringing in a few tracks from outside of the norm. And I’m curious to hear what she’s going to do next, as I’m still waiting for a solid release that I can classify as epic.

Rating: 4.5/5


October 17, 2012

Reading Fifty Shades of Grey. I was forced to read it – my friends kept talking about it and I wanted to be able to take part in their conversations – but I have to say I’m enjoying it. I try not to read it in public, though.

Watching Bel Ami, a film set in the 19th century, starring Robert Pattinson. He plays a poor man who climbs the social ladder by seducing women. I just love the costumes, the scenery, the script – everything.

Eating at Mildreds, a vegetarian restaurant in Soho. It’s small and relaxed and has a great little private dining room my friends and I sometimes hire. Try the pan-fried halloumi with spinach and cherry tomatoes. mildreds.co.uk

Listening to the Beach Boys – they always get me up and going in the morning. I also love Miike Snow for their lyrics and Eva Cassidy inspires me.

Drinking Starbucks’ signature hot chocolate with lots of whipped cream. It’s probably a million calories but I love it.

Buying yoga gear from Sweaty Betty and lululemon. I like Bikram yoga because you sweat so much it detoxes you. You come out with really clear skin. It’s also really hard work, but I like a good challenge. sweatybetty.com, lululemon.co.uk

Hanging out at Shoreditch House. The bar has an old British feel to it and you can order pretty much anything. shoreditchhouse.com

Logging on to Instagram to check out tattoo art, which I have become a bit obsessed with recently. I have a few myself. instagram.com


October 17, 2012

Leona Lewis is a fantastic, savvy singer whose vocal chops always seem to outshine her songs. By focusing on hip, detailed dance music instead of gauzy ballads, though, “Glassheart” puts the two on equal ground.

Like most club albums, “Glassheart” pays a lot of attention to production. The songs are decorated like one-bedroom Manhattan apartments; every last inch is crammed with stuff, from keyboards to sweeping strings to throbbing, electro-pop percussion. Miss Lewis‘ voice is pushed to the forefront, and she sounds great, belting out a string of throaty R&B riffs one minute and flipping into a gorgeous, sublime coo the next.

“I’m a whole lot of trouble,” she warns on the first song, a cautionary tale about love on the rocks. She never would have been able to deliver that kind of line on her first two albums, both of which muffled her personality in layers of tame, toothless adult-contemporary pop. “Glassheart” takes its cues from Kylie Minogue and “Confessions”-era Madonna, though, and it proves that Miss Lewis has a serious bite.



October 16, 2012

Hello bunns’, Leona didn’t confirmed wich track will be the single but a journalist from the DailyStar James Ingham who interviewed her told us that the selection is in between two songs! He tweeted:

October 16, 2012

Great news! This evening Leona did one of her usual Q&A sessions on Twitter and revealed an something amazing! She confirmed that she’ll be shooting the music video for her new single next week! SO EXCITING! The bad thing here is that she didn’t confirm wich song will be her second single from ‘Glassheart’, this is what Leona tweeted to one of her fans:

Leona didn’t confirmed wich track will be the single but a journalist from the DailyStar James Ingham who interviewed her told us that the selection is in between two songs! He tweeted:

October 16, 2012

Lewis – a previous winner at the ceremony – will perform a stripped back show before the event kicks off.

She said: “I am so honoured to be performing at Cosmopolitan‘s Ultimate Women of the Year Awards. What a privilege to be singing to a room full of such strong, inspirational women.”

Alesha Dixon, Professor Green and Katie Piper will be on the judging panel to decide the final winners, alongside Karren Brady and Kristin Hallenga.

Cotton said: “I’m so happy to be hosting Cosmopolitan‘s Ultimate Women Awards. I’ve hosted for six years now, and each time we get to celebrate the most incredible women who have shown earth shattering amounts of courage, love, bravery and strength. I’m inspired and humbled year on year.”

Alesha Dixon added: “I’m honoured to be judging the Cosmopolitan awards again! Supporting and celebrating women from all walks of life is why I love Cosmo. The night is always so moving and so much fun. I can’t wait!”

The awards will also mark Cosmopolitan‘s 40th anniversary, and will include a special ‘ultimate’ performer, to be revealed at a later date.

Watch Leona Lewis’s interview with Digital Spy below:


October 16, 2012

Hello everyone and thank you so much for all your birthday messages on Twitter and Facebook! You guys are amazing! Today in the Leona’s news, let’s start with the interview she gave to Thatgrapejuice.net! She looks stunning in the promo shots too! Thanks Sam and Thatgrapejuiceteam for this great interview! Enjoy …


leaona-lewis-thatgrapejuice-shoot-main.jpg leona-lewis-thatgrapejuice-shoot.jpg

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Photoshoots > 2012 > Seye Isikalu

October 16, 2012

Hey guys! Today is an special day in our website. One of my dearest friends (and owner of the site) with who I started this amazing journey called LeonaDaily.net is celebrating his 24th Birthday! So I wanted to take a minute to wish to the dear Julien a Happy Birthday! hope all your birthday wishes come true and that you enjoy and celebrate this special date next to your loved ones!! Much love and appreciation bro!.

LeonaDaily Team

October 16, 2012

Hello everyone! We’ve got new MQ candids to update Leona Pictures! This time Leona was captured outside the BBC Radio 1 station last sunday, after she attended an interview for The ‘Official Charts’ radio show with Reggies Yates. If you haven’t seen the interview click HERE. Click on the links bellow to enlarge the pics:

4.jpg 5.jpg 6.jpg 1.jpg

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Candids > 2012 > 14-10-2012 Leona leaving the BBC Radio 1 Station

October 16, 2012

Hey guys! It’s been an exciting start of a new Leona era! We’re so excited about Glassheart because it’s an amazing album and we’re sure it will bring lots of success to Leona as she deserves because of all of the hard work she put into this record! As you know sales and charts are one of the most relevant things in the career of an artist, part of their success depends on them! Well, Leona is no exception and thats why we’ll be updating you guys with the sales figures and charts positions that Leona will be hitting from now on until the end of the Glassheart era!

Lets start with her latest single ‘Trouble’, wich was released last week. The UK Official Charts Company have updated the Top single Charts and we’re so excited because ‘Trouble’ debuted at #7! Leona once again hits the top 10 with one of her singles! Here’s the top 10 biggest selling singles in the UK this week:

Official UK Top Single Charts (14-10-2012)

Position Song Title Artist
01 Don’t You Worry Child Swedish House Mafia ft Jhon Martin
02 Skyfall Adele
03 Gangnam Style Psy
04 Diamonds Rihanna
05 Anything Could Happen Ellie Goulding
06 Live While We’re Young One Direction
07 Trouble Leona Lewis
08 Turn Around Conor Maynard ft Ne-Yo
09 I Cry Flo Rida
10 Hall of Fame The Script ft Will I Am

Now, “Glassheart” has started really well! Just one day of its release and the record its already topping the digital charts, in fact it has reached the #1 spot of the Amazon.co.uk Bestsellers in MP3 Albums chart! So exciting! She’s also climbing the UK and Ireland iTunes Top Album charts with both editions of Glassheart (Standard and Deluxe), and individual songs are making its appareances on the Charts aswell. We’ve made a recap of the development that the album has been having on the charts:

Amazon.co.uk (Digital and Physical Sales)

Chart Album/Song Position
Bestsellers in MP3 Albums Glassheart 01
Bestsellers in Music Glassheart  (Deluxe Edition) 26
Glassheart 36

iTunes United Kingdom

Chart Album/Song Position
Top 100 Albums Glassheart  (Deluxe Edition) 02
Glassheart 09
Top 100 Songs Trouble (feat. Childish Gambino) 15
Trouble 70

iTunes Ireland

Chart Album/Song Position
Top 100 Albums Glassheart  (Deluxe Edition) 09
Glassheart 49
Top 100 Songs Trouble (feat. Childish Gambino) 37