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September 9, 2012

Hey guys! It’s a great news before the release of Leona’s new single “Trouble”! Indeed the label had the fantastic idea to post and publish the breathetaking Accoustic Live performance of “Trouble” 3 days ago! And it’s a success, in 3 days the video has been seen more than 200.000 times! What’s more ? The video and the performance have been criticaly acclaimed by the reviews and bloggers everywhere in the world! Well done Leona, and well done Leona’s HQ!

September 9, 2012

Hey guys, the very famour Uk Music/entertainement website DigitalSpy is launching a pole to know which album are you looking forwards to this autum/winter! And Glassheart is in the list and is winning the poll! The long anticipated and much delayed album is on e of the major release of this year’s end… So vote Leona and support “Glassheart”!

We’re glad that we aren’t the only ones who noticed a particularly busy year for albums this autumn and winter.

Today, music retailers urged record labels to spread the release of albums across the year rather than cramming them all in towards the back end.

Album sales are traditionally higher on the approach to Christmas, but given their severe drop in recent weeks (Rihanna’s Talk That Talk returned to the top a year after its release with sales of 9,578), we’re not sure overloading consumers with ten or more records a week is the solution to the problem.

Regardless, there are some very exciting albums to look forward to over the next few months, including Leona Lewis‘s long-awaited Glassheart, Robbie Williams’s Take The Crown and, of course, One Direction’s second opus Take Me Home.

But which one are you most looking forward to? Vote in our poll below, which lists all the major acts that are (or at least planning to) release albums later this year.


September 7, 2012

With the release of new album Glassheart fast approaching, it looks like Leona Lewis is stepping up the promotional trail of its second single, Trouble .

Just released is this beautiful and acoustic rendition of the song, and it has to be said, it packs quite a mightier punch than the “edgier” version that’s been shipped to radio.

Leona Lewis gives a stunning vocal that shows a voice that is restrained but powerful, multifaceted in tone and timbre, but ultimately brilliantly controlled. It’s clear to hear that all those years of vocal training have paid off, making her one of the most technical singers of the next generation of Divas.


September 7, 2012

My feelings about Leona Lewis are well documented at this point, so like most people, I was pretty relieved to discover that her much-talked-about Emeli Sande penned, Naughty Boy produced and Childish Gambino featuring new single “Trouble” just about added up to the sum of its individually brilliant parts.

Like someone who’s been waiting at a bus stop on Kensington High Street for three years when two buses suddenly turn up at the same time, Leona’s followed-up this long overdue win with an acoustic version of “Trouble” that’s perhaps even better than the original. There’s even a video, which, as far as Leona’s concerned, can only ever be a good thing.

It’s pretty dramatic, and I don’t remember her previously being one for so much swaying and wild Tony Blair-esque hand gesturing, but when she sounds this good, who can begrudge the songstress some theatrics. This is Leona Lewis at her absolute best – balancing her powerhouse vocals with the soul and emotion that her critics claim she lacks and fulfilling all of the potential she showed six years ago on The X-Factor.

So far, so good. Bring on the album…


September 7, 2012

Yes, yes, and yes!

For the longest, Leona has been levelled with critique that her voice – while rich in power – lacked a rawness, lacked emotion. However, all such arguments were rendered obsolete with this performance.

Soaked in conviction and edge, the stunning showcase re-affirms why this Londoner posses one of the best vocalists in the industry today. We can only hope that the rest of her project brings with it material that serves as a worthy backdrop to a “voice” that has the ability to be legendary.


September 7, 2012

Absolutely beautiful. Flawless. We haven’t heard vocals this good since, I don’t even know when. I’d say Adele, but these vocals are far better than Adele’s. This performance from Leona is just that good. It’s just her, the piano, and some strings. That’s it. And they killed it! Check out this acoustic performance of Leona’s new single, “Trouble.”


September 7, 2012

Hey Guys! As you may know, Leona has confirmed a few weeks ago that there will be a Deluxe Edition of her new LP, Glassheart out October 15th/16th. According to the webiste PLAY.COM, the cover above is supposed to be the cover for this Deluxe Edition. It’s also said thatit will consist of 2 CD’s… Wait and see!

Pre-Order Glassheart NOW!

September 7, 2012

Hey Guys! A few days ago we had the luck to find out the Live Accoustic video of Leona’s new single “Trouble”! Now the video is available everywhere in the world on her vevo/youtube page, and in High Definition. So here is the video and 114 HQ screenshots of this epic video. Enjoy!

0113.jpg 0114.jpg 0111.jpg 0112.jpg

September 7, 2012

Gary Barlow passes his title of head judge onto guest judge Leona Lewis this weekend!

Gary’s Head Judge status on The X Factor is challenged as auditions in London see former X Factor champion Leona Lewis join the panel.

Chatting on the Xtra Factor, Caroline asks Gary and the other judges: “Have you been giving Leona tips?”

Gary replies: “The way I feel about it is probably Leona is the most qualified Judge, she stood on the X.”

Louis quipped: “She is head judge! Your head judge today!”

Leona asks: “Can I be head Judge?”

Gary was happy to oblige, saying: “Leona- Head Judge”

The Xtra Factor airs this Saturday, September 8 at 21:10 AND Sunday, September 9 at 21:00 on ITV2.

September 5, 2012

Hey Guys! That’s a wonderful present that Leona made to her fans today! Her and her team revealed the video af the Accoustic Version of Leona’s new single “Trouble”! This version is just breathtaking, deeply emotional, and perfectly sang! She means every single word she’s singing and will blow you out! Queen Leona is definitely back at the top of her art! Enjoy!

Click on Play to Watch the video

0.jpg 3.jpg 2.jpg 1.jpg

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